Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Teachers at Annual Luncheon

Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Teachers at Annual Luncheon

The Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce took the afternoon to welcome some new teachers and administrators from across the La Porte County area, highlighting the newest educators ready to start the new school year.

“The fact that we’re here today is a sign that the business community appreciates the quality of education in La Porte County, along with their support of local business,” says Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce President Mike Seitz.

Also present at the luncheon was La Porte Mayor Blair Milo who showed her support in the importance of introducing new teachers into the La Porte community and the support education receives from businesses and organizations.

The luncheon began with the Work Readiness Teacher of the Year Award being given to La Porte High School teacher Matt Presley by the Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bert Cook. This award is given to one individual per year and is nominated by their peers.

Presley was the recipient of the award due to his creation of a technical writing class for students who originally did not want to take more traditional English classes, and ended up transforming the program into a prep class designed to get students ready for the work force.

Each of the new teachers and administrators covered a wide range of schools from La Porte, New Prairie, South Central, Tri-Township and New Durham public schools. Other schools and institutions such as La Lumiere, Brown Mackie College, Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University North Central were also present to show their support for the new teachers and administrators.

“Having everyone here is part of any school’s vision to work together towards their educational goals,” says Superintendent for La Porte Community School Corporation Mark Francesconi,” It’s so exciting to have so many new teachers here.”

Individuals attending the luncheon had the option of sponsoring an educator for $25, allowing them to show their support. Chamber members also provided coupons and promotional items that were given out in a welcome packet.

This is not the first luncheon held to highlight new educators and administrators entering the school system, but is something that the Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce plans to continue this promotion of business education partnerships.

“This isn’t the first time there’s been one of these events, nor are some of these teachers new to education, but actually already having a background in education,” says Francesconi. “These new educators can bring in some new change. It’s always good to bring in new ways of thinking.”

All of the new members expressed their excitement about being part of the La Porte County school system, highlighting the excellent school systems and great staff and opportunities available to students looking to achieve the most out of their education. From coaches, to consolers to special education teachers, everyone was ready to begin the new school year and continue making a positive impact on La Porte’s students.