GIS opens doors to new Hobart office on June 1

GIS opens doors to new Hobart office on June 1

The work office can quickly become your home away from home, so it’s important that the space matches the professional needs of life. General Insurance Services (GIS) understands this, which is why the company’s Hobart office on Main Street will soon move to somewhere a bit more suited to the team.

“Our current office based on Main Street in Hobart is a fairly large building, and we have a bit of a smaller staff in that office currently,” said GIS Marketing Coordinator Korrine Robinson. “We have a lot of extra space in our current building as well.”

The team looked into what could be done with the extra office space that would make the atmosphere at the Hobart office homier for both staff and clients. During that brainstorming phase, the team also began looking at available office space elsewhere in the city. That’s when the location at 1451 South Lake Park Avenue appeared on their radar.

“When we found this office space available, it just aligned with what we needed for our Hobart team,” said Robinson.

The new office comes with several benefits GIS’s Hobart team and clients are sure to enjoy. The more intimate atmosphere will help build better team-client and team-team relationships while maximizing the efficiency of space usage. Additionally, the new location makes accessing the office easier, as well as far more parking availability.

“We have some insureds that come from Crown Point, Merrillville, Griffith, etc.,” said Robinson. “Moving our Hobart office a little closer to U.S. Route 30 should be helpful for those clients.”

Most importantly, the new office will be a boon to the Hobart team in terms of revitalizing their home office with the coming of summer.

“I think a fresh feel for our Hobart office is going to be really rejuvenating,” said Robinson. “It's just going to pull the team a little closer. It's going to feel a lot homier, and our whole team is very excited for the transition.”

The Hobart team of GIS plans to open its new office on June 1. Until that time, insurers can find the team at the Main Street location until May 30. As the new month rolls in, so too will a new feel for GIS in Hobart.

GIS specializes in both personal and commercial business insurance. On the personal side, the company offers everything from auto policies to home coverage as well as umbrella coverages and beyond personalized to your needs. For businesses, GIS can provide professional liability insurance, property insurance, business interruption insurance, and more. Additionally, GIS provides business and individual benefits and financial planning services.

“We have a lot of experts in many different fields,” Robinson said.

Stop by the Main Street office for a final hurrah before May 31 or drop by the new office on June 1 for all your insurance needs.

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