General Insurance Services offers employee benefits technology to clients with Ease

General Insurance Services offers employee benefits technology to clients with Ease

Technology has proven a vital asset of today’s culture, particularly over the course of the last year. It helps companies and their employees to communicate, stay organized, increase efficiency and so much more. With all that technology has to offer, General Insurance Services (GIS) Software & Training Advisor, Kim Giannetti, knew that technology would provide a modern approach to serving GIS clients.

Before benefits technology became one of the big HR trends in the business world in 2019, Giannetti began rolling out software solutions in the prior year. GIS’s benefit administration and HR software is called Ease, which allows employers to transition from administering benefits via cumbersome paper forms to instead utilizing a secure online and customizable platform.

“In the employee benefits world, a lot of companies are still using paper processes,” Giannetti said. “Offering a technology solution like Ease, gives us the ability to modernize benefit administration, provide them HR software tools, and improve efficiency for both the employer and employee. Ultimately, it just makes the enrollment process much easier. From a tracking standpoint, it gives the employers the ability to know who has completed the necessary information and who hasn’t.”

Kim Giannetti

Through the Ease platform, employees can compare benefit plans side-by-side to see what each plan’s cost will be per pay period and what each plan offers. This helps employees keep all necessary documents in one place and determine the best option for them. Employers and employees can access these documents 24/7, allowing for greater employee satisfaction and understanding of their benefits.

Having this information in a digital format also gives employers the ability to share forms with new hires before they start their first day of work. This helps streamline the onboarding process so employees can get to work faster.

“Any documents like offer letters or company policies that need to be reviewed can be sent out ahead of time,” Giannetti said. “Employees can review, sign off, and send them back. Streamlining the process makes the traditional mountain of paperwork less overwhelming on their first day.” 

Ease is supported by GIS, so if clients find themselves in need of assistance, Giannetti or another representative provides local, real time support for everything from implementation to open enrollment to customer service needs throughout the year.

“Having this as a resource available to our clients and being able to maintain this relationship in-house gives a better experience than having to dial a 1-800 number and not knowing who will be answering the phone,” Giannetti said. “When clients call General Insurance Services with a need, they will always be greeted by a local representative from our agency.”

The ability to offer this regular assistance has allowed GIS to further build relationships and solidify their reputation as a trusted advisor in the communities they serve. Giannetti is thrilled about what this technology means for clients. Ensuring efficiency and growth for local businesses is a top priority for GIS.

“General Insurance Services has been in the community for a long time, and we are not just insurance agents,” Giannetti said. “We offer solutions that help businesses navigate the insurance world, communicate benefit offerings to their employees and improve the overall experience for all involved.”

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