Frontline Music Fest Spotlights New Album, BBQ, and Recovery

By: Frontline Foundations Last Updated: July 6, 2017

frontline-soulstice-2017-recapRock, Blues & BBQ were on full display at the Summer ‘Soul’stice Music Fest, at the home of Frontline Foundations, Inc.

The Music Fest served as a kick-off to “Album Two,” the second album produced by Frontline’s Music Recovery Program, The Salt Exchange.

Frontline is a non-profit organization and certified substance abuse treatment center offering relevant Art and Music Recovery Programs.

Over 200 community members attended the event, featuring a community art project, BBW and a live performance from The Salt Exchange.

“Album Two” is available for sale through The cost is $10, with proceeds going towards providing affordable substance abuse treatment in the community.

“These individuals share a common goal of creating a new wave of music that’s either hopeful or a positive release,” said Nick Hensell, the recording engineer for The Salt Exchange’s most recent album. “There are no limitations to genre or style as long as the ideas and concepts stay true to the encouragement of recovery.”

In addition to The Salt Exchange, musical acts included Sean Cromwell of The Sure, Michael Rodich and Alex McGowan of The Archetypes, and James Hamilton of The Nicholas Kazonis Band. There was also no shortage of food as Brian Powers of Big B’s BBQ volunteered his time and talents in support of the cause.

“The true encouragement came through seeing the joy and pride on the band members faces,” said Derek Frazier, Frontline’s Operations Director. “This partnership of music, community and recovery continues to create transformational change in the lives of individuals and in the life of the community.”

“The generosity of our supporters is amazing,” said Amber Hensell-Hicks, Frontline’s Executive Director. “The support of all our sponsors and the dedication of all our volunteers is what made this event such a success.”

The mission of Frontline is to serve as a source of hope to men and women suffering from alcohol and drug abuse while also providing an effective treatment and recovery support system. Frontline is located at 1008 Broadway in Chesterton, IN.

For more information please call 219.728.1638.