Franciscan St. Margaret Health VASIA Program Wins National Hospital Charitable Services Award in 2016

Franciscan-St-Margaret-Health-VASIA-Program-Wins-National-Hospital-Charitable-Services-Award-in-2016The Franciscan St. Margaret Health VASIA program was among 10 programs from across the country named a Program of Excellence by the Hospital Charitable Services Awards, a national program sponsored by Jackson Healthcare.

The Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Incapacitated Adults program (VASIA) trains volunteers to become temporary legal guardians for seniors and incapacitated adults who are alone, in hospitals, hospice or other health facilities.

The 10 programs were commended for exceptional work in setting new standards for impacting the underserved in their communities in sustainable ways. Each nominee had to demonstrate excellence in at least one of five areas: community impact, innovation, collaboration, transferability and/or best practice.

Pictured with the award are program manager, Vanessa Nathan (left) and program coordinator LaVonne Jarrett. For more information on the program, please call the VASIA office at 219-923-2300 ext. 37907.