Franciscan Alliance Gets Social in Cyberspace

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 25, 2015

The ways that we communicate these days are wonderful and multiple. What a letter accomplished in weeks at one time, now can be accomplished in mere seconds with an email or text message. If we wanted information or news we read the newspaper, made a phone call, or headed to the library. Now we can get all of the news and information that we want right from our computers and smart phones.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up what with technology advancing at a faster and faster rate every day. But Franciscan Alliance, a Christianity-based health care system that spans across multiple counties in Northwest Indiana, is very on top of communication when it comes to social media.

“We’re on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube,” James Senese, Regional Web Lead at Franciscan Alliance said. “We think it’s important to reach people from all different levels.”

Franciscan Alliance has all sorts of information that they love to share with the public. As there are different facets to health, so are there different methods of relaying those messages of health.

“We use social media because it’s important to our image and our brand,” Maria Ramos, Regional Director of Marketing said.

There are many things that Franciscan Alliance uses social media for including:

Customer service: patrons can contact Franciscan Alliance with questions through a Facebook message or comment on a page, a tweet, email, and receive prompt answers.

Community and general education programs: Franciscan Alliance has tons of health and wellness programs that are promoted on their social media pages. They are also listed on their websites for those who wish to peruse them. The events are timely and trendy, keeping up with what the people want and bringing the latest health findings to them.

Brand monitoring: their social media pages are constantly monitored as well as their websites to see what people are saying, what they are looking at, and what the interest is at the current moment. This way, programs, messages, events, and other things can be molded to fit the needs of the consumer.

Internal communication: Franciscan Alliance takes great pride in communicating with its employees. Important and relevant information is shared so that doctors, nurses, and other medical staff stays in the know at all times.

Job recruitment: plenty of positions are available at the various Franciscan Alliance locations. The more exposure is brought to those jobs, the more likely people will connect to them and gain employment.

“Being able to reach people through so many different avenues is extremely beneficial to us,” Ramos said. “We can show the communities all that we have to offer and help our image and brand. If what we can reach one person through our health and wellness initiatives then we are doing something right.”

For your convenience, here are the social media sites for different Franciscan Alliance locations:

Franciscan St. Anthony Health - Crown Point

Franciscan St. Anthony Health - Michigan City

Franciscan St. Margaret Health - Dyer

Franciscan St. Margaret Health - Hammond

Frnciscan Healthcare - Munster

Franciscan Alliance


Midwest Bariatrics Institute

Omni Health & Fitness
Facebook for Omni
Twitter for Omni

​Sports Medicine Institute
Blog for SMI
Twitter for SMI
YouTube for SMI

Click here to see all of the social media sites that each location of Franciscan Alliance uses!

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