Five signs you’re from the Region with Purdue Federal

Five signs you’re from the Region with Purdue Federal

If you’ve been in Northwest Indiana for any length of time, you know that the 219 area code represents a unique and quirky little corner of the state fondly referred to as the Region by residents. It is a place where expressways and railroads run alongside the sand dunes and Lake Michigan. Similarly, if you look just beyond the cornfields and steel mills, you will find bright city lights.

However, the Region is characterized by more than just its geographical features or coordinates on a map. For those who live and work in Northwest Indiana, the area has become much more than another suburb of Chicago. It has a distinct vibe of its own that residents understand and carry with them.

With a strong university partnership that stretches from West Lafayette to the Region for more than seven decades, a group of Purdue University employees founded its own credit union, Purdue Federal Credit Union (Purdue Federal) in 1969.

“The credit union was built by university employees on the notion of people helping people and creating a strong foundation in their communities,” Marketing Specialist John Metzinger said. “Some of the ways membership does that is to provide both volunteer and monetary resources to organizations that assist the needy, support education and the arts, and provide health and social services. The credit union's mission is to earn the trust of its members and be their financial partner for life. Through the years, Purdue Federal has used this philosophy to expand to 10 full-service branches, three satellite branches, and digital banking services throughout the Region.”

As a tribute to Purdue Federal employee's Region pride, in May of 2022, Audrey Walker created the blog post, “You Know You're From 'the Region' When….” Region insiders can decide if this update to the original post still rings true today.

How many of these Regionisms make you nod your head yes?

1. Planes, trains, trucks and automobile traffic!
Indiana is called the Crossroads of America for its waterways, railroads, highways and other transportation facilities. Motorists in the Region are experts in knowing alternate routes to avoid the daily construction zones, traffic jams and commuter woes.  

2. The Region has its own time zone
While pretty much the rest of the state operates on the Eastern Standard Time, the Region has always dares to be different and opts for Central Standard Time. This reflects the area's close economic integration with the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  

3. Fireworks all year round
Where else can you get fireworks on every occasion besides the Fourth of July? Fireworks are allowed between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. most days of the year (unless a local ordinance specifies otherwise). You usually can find a fireworks store in the Region that is open year round.

4. Indiana Dunes National Park is picture perfect
America's 61st national park features 15 miles of sandy shoreline and 50 miles of hiking trails that include towering sand dunes, green and golden prairies, marshy wetlands and wooded areas. As an added bonus, you can spy steel mills and industrial smokestacks in the background.  

5. Hoosier, not a Hoosier
When you are traveling and meeting new people, you save a lot of time and explanation about where you are from by saying you live just outside of Chicago near Lake Michigan. Further aligning themselves with the Windy City, nine out of 10 Regionites are hardcore Chicago sports fans – whether Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Sky or Fire.

When it comes to being from the Region and expertise in financial matters, Purdue Federal is a trusted neighborhood institution. To read more helpful financial blog posts, visit online at

Purdue Federal offers members a full menu of financial products. These include locally serviced mortgages, home equity loans, vehicle loans, credit cards and business loans. Also featured are checking, savings, Money Market and other deposit accounts, as well as digital services that allow members to pay bills, transfer funds, access statements and generally manage money whenever it is convenient for them.

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