First Trust Credit Union’s Tree House Kids Club, E-Teens Club, make money matters fun

First Trust Credit Union’s Tree House Kids Club, E-Teens Club, make money matters fun

While kids are a bit cooped up these days, it might be a good time to join a little club just for them. First Trust Credit Union’s Tree House Kids Club helps get kids engaged in money matters early so they can form healthy financial habits now. The E-Teens Club for young adults is the next step, offering age-appropriate banking education and incentive-based programs.

Tree House Kids Club memberships are for children ages 0-12. The club is designed to create incentives for First Trust’s youngest members so they can best learn the value behind saving money and how to manage that money. Each money-minded decision a Tree House Kid makes garners a reward. For instance, kids receive a free piggy bank and a quarter saver card upon joining the club. The card holds up to $5 and entices children to fill up each slot with a quarter, effectively showing them the value of saving incrementally. When their card is full, they enjoy the next club perk: Savings Rewards. This feature rewards young members any time they make deposits of $5 or greater by giving them a fun gift of their choice from the Treasure Chest.

Another fun encouragement for a Tree House Kid to save their money is the Savings Goal Tree. In the lobby of each First Trust Credit Union location is a Savings Goal Tree, and any time a club member has a savings goal for something special, be it a toy or a treat, they can place a green savings goal apple on the tree. Once they reach their goal, the member gets a red apple announcing their accomplishment on the tree, and the child can be featured in the Tree House Kids quarterly newsletter to celebrate their accomplishment!

We asked one of the Tree House Kids Club members what she enjoyed about being a Tree House kid.  Baker (age 8) replied, “My favorite thing is getting my own mail (quarterly newsletters) and looking for the 'baby apple' (hidden in the newsletter), and word searches.”

Teaching children the importance of saving money and using it wisely is at the heart of First Trust Credit Union’s Tree House Kids Club, but the rewards go beyond money matters. Other good decisions and accomplishments are rewarded, too, such as Report Card Rewards. For every A or equivalent on a member’s report card, First Trust enters that member into a drawing for a $10 Gift Certificate. Plus, the club hosts seasonal activities such as coloring contests and drawings for gifts such as giant holiday stockings given away at each of the four branch locations: Michigan City, La Porte, Valparaiso, and Wheatfield. Tree House Kids Club members can get all the fun details in the newsletters mailed to them each quarter for free.

Plus, the club never forgets a birthday! Members get a postcard in the mail on their birthdays, which can be redeemed at any First Trust location for McDonald’s or Dairy Queen gift cards. Beyond all these fun incentives, kids have the chance to have their very own First Trust Credit Union account card. The sense of pride and ownership that comes with that personal responsibility can make any child excited about saving.

Teens ages 13-17 can benefit from the First Trust Credit Union E-Teens Club, which offers education on sound financial practices through incentive-based programs that any teen would appreciate.

E-Teens Club introduces teens to the world of e-banking and the perks that come with it. They can manage their free checking and savings accounts with helpful email alerts. Accounts offer the benefits of mobile web banking (It’s Me 247), phone banking (CU*Talk 877-251-7281), free bill pay, and free e-statements. The free 24/7 mobile app is a big draw for e-savvy bankers as well.

Because E-Teen members are younger than 18, they do need to have a joint owner on their free checking accounts. With that, they’ll enjoy no monthly fees, 12 starter checks, and a free debit card. Members learn how to responsibly use their debit cards and build a strong credit profile and have access to free ATM use at any First Trust Credit Union location, or shared branch location.

Free savings accounts include the opportunity to be entered into quarterly drawings when deposits are made in increments of $25 or more. Winners receive the option of a $10 gift card, or a $10 deposit into their savings account.

While few things are more exciting to a teen than getting a driver’s license, that first car ownership would probably top that. The E-Teens club offers auto loan rewards including a $25 gas card once the loan has closed (with a qualified co-signer) with First Trust Credit Union.

For more information about First Trust Credit Union’s Tree House Kids Club and E-Teens Club, call 800-276-6161 or visit their website.