First Friday Art Walk Brings New Exhibits and Performances to the UAD

By: Michigan City Mainstreet Association Last Updated: September 26, 2012

Uptown-Arts-DistrictThe First Friday Art Walk happens each month in the Uptown Arts District in downtown Michigan City and continues to bring art and new performances for the month of October. On October 5 from 5pm to 8pm enjoy a stroll through the district and take the art in, courtesy of the Michigan City Mainstreet Association.

New this month, the Michigan City Public Library is hosting a 3 full-hour performance creating art renditions symbalizing books and will conclude with a creation of a temporary sculpture. State Farm Agency at 519 Franklin Street joins the fun, featuring fine art photography by Erin Watson. Culture is also a predominat theme in the First Friday Art Walks and can be found almost everywhere downtown.

Lakeside Gallery West at 827 Franklin is featuring works straight from New Delhi, India by artist Satadru Sovan Banduri. The Black Eyed P, 110 W. 9th Street is a mixture of Creole, Carribean and Southern cuisine and will have the C4 band mixing in the culture. PXLFIX at 720 C Franklin will be hosting the Madagascar, Burman and Amazon-inspired works by ANKO(Anneke Dekker-Olthof).

The First Friday Art Walk is a free event and volunteers are signified by black Uptown Arts t-shirts if individuals have questions at the event. For more information on the full line-up of goings on that evening, or to donate to the event and the Michigan City Mainstreet Association, please visit