Family Advocates Celebrates Kids with Kidz Fun Dayz

Family Advocates Celebrates Kids with Kidz Fun Dayz
By: Ashley Spargo, Josh Daniels Last Updated: May 5, 2022

Family Advocates in La Porte, IN is an independent advocacy and intervention agency working for the best interest of at-risk children and families.  Family Advocates has been serving La Porte county since 1990, and has advocated for over 2000 abused and neglected children.

Family Advocates Kidz Fun Dayz

Family Advocates Kidz Fun Dayz 35 Photos
Family Advocates Kidz Fun DayzFamily Advocates Kidz Fun DayzFamily Advocates Kidz Fun DayzFamily Advocates Kidz Fun Dayz

CEO of La Porte Family Advocates, Jackie Dermody, believes in this program and the strength that can come from programs and events alike.

“Our goal today is to provide a fun day for families, long term Family Advocates wants to provide support to all families in our community,” Dermody said.

On April 30, Family Advocates partnered with the La Porte County Family YMCA to hold Kidz Fun Day at the YMCA in La Porte.  Due to the weather, it was held inside but that didn’t stop the fun and smiles all around. Booths from around the community participated for a cause that truly matters including the Girl Scouts, La Porte Library, the La Porte Police, and so many more.  With partners that care for the cause, it makes events like this happen and be successful.

“Not one agency can do that, we all partner with each other to accomplish one main goal,” said CYA Program Director, Brenda Stillman.  

Stillman was in attendance to witness this epic event alongside a local librarian, Toni Caster.  Caster attended the event to help promote the library’s summer reading program.  Caster uses books and reading to help develop the minds of the youth.

“For example, one mission is to encourage kids to read all summer long and then help them retain what they’ve learned in school from the year before,” said Caster. 

Kids gathered around for crafts, popcorn, fire safety and education, and most important, the bounce house!

Boy Scouts of America’s Matthew Mclure attended with specific intentions in mind!

“We have 143 different merit badges that are designed to give you an idea about different subjects. Our hope is that people will possibly go to a job field that they’ve learned from scouting,” said Mclure.

Mclure is one of many partners in attendance with a primary objective of building the youth with skills they can develop at a young age and hopefully gain an interest in early to keep them on the path to success and enough ambition to search for a career in similar fields.

“My main goal is to get the kids outdoors to help develop skills such as leadership, physical fitness, and self-reliance,” Mclure said.

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