Exceptional Exhibit, Not to be Missed

Exceptional-exhibit-not-to-be-missedDon't miss out on Lubeznik Center for the Arts (located in Michigan City) current exhibits, Invasive Species, Transformation, and Aquatic Kaleidoscope, closing in 10 days (Oct.18).Guests have described Invasive Species as "So creative, these artists' imagination floored me!" Transformation artist Jan Dean has said, " The exhibition at Lubeznik has lifted my spirits in an unfathomable way that I am beyond words to express." Invasive Species: The Art of Upcycling (Hyndman Gallery) features artwork by Michael Dinges, Victoria Fuller, Alan Emerson Hicks, Valerie Mann, Chris Silva, and Bryan Sperry that crosses boundaries between environmentalism and art. Transformation (North View Gallery) features an installation by Jan Dean that transforms styrofoam packing. Aquatic Kaleidoscope (Brincka-Cross Gallery) by Renee Robbins features paintings that explore the juxtaposition of flora and fauna.

There have been 800 students who have come through LCA's doors for tours and who have created related art projects since the show has opened. Students from Michigan City area schools including Marquette High School, Notre Dame and Pine Elementary, as well as Discovery Charter School in Porter County have toured the exhibits.

Invasive Species: The Art of Upcycling is a resurgence in the ready-made art practice popularized by Dada artists Duchamp and Man Ray. Upcycling makes use of discarded materials and transforms them into beautiful objects without breaking down the material.

Transformation explores the paradox and psychology found in material culture. The work draws from the meeting of Western culture and Eastern philosophies. Dean builds an environment using materials that are enchanting, yet intended for disposal. It is a contemplation on how we fit together, what binds to us and what is created in the process. Staff member, Amy Davis Navardauskas states that "While standing inside the installation it's a paradoxial to be surrounded by styrofoam and feel such a sense of calm."

Aquatic Kaleidoscope's paintings draw from nature and examine microscopic and telescopic relationships. The work pulls molecular, biological, aquatic, and celestial systems. The paintings move seamlessly between the real and the imagined. We challenge visitors to look closely to find everyday hidden objects.

Lubeznik Center for the Arts is located at 101 W. 2nd St., at the lakefront in Michigan City, IN. Gallery weekday hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CDT). Weekend hours are from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CDT). Summer hours from 2-7pm on Thursdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For more information please visit www.lubeznikcenter.org or call 219-874-4900.

Provided with support from South Shore Arts, the Indiana Arts Commission, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.