Empty Nesters find comfort at Patrick’s Grille

Empty Nesters find comfort at Patrick’s Grille

The new school season is upon us. Kids across Northwest Indiana are either packing up their backpacks and lunchboxes or loading up college-bound moving vans while waving goodbye to their families.

In many cases, kids are the center of parents’ universe. This especially holds true when they are home for the summer spending quality family time hanging around the house, going on family vacations, and sitting down for family dinners.

But what happens when they are all set to head off to school again when fall rolls around?

Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS), is more common than one would think. Possible symptoms include loss of purpose, frustration, emotional distress, marital stress, and more. The best way to help curve ENS symptoms is to fill your daily life with exciting, new experiences such as getting out of the house and surrounding yourself with loved ones.

What better place to find comfort than at Patrick’s Grille? Offering everything from Friday night fish features, Saturday night prime rib specials, a bar stocked with local breweries on tap and distilleries, and classic ice cream cocktail desserts where an empty nester can easily settle in at Patrick’s and forget about their worries.

Patrick’s is dedicated to providing the highest quality of fine dining, a comfortable environment, and a welcoming place for friends to gather for any occasion.

Located in downtown Michigan City, the Grille is a local hotspot and favorite for many community members. Celebrating and hosting several gatherings and events such as Sunday football games, holiday and work parties, and more, you are sure to have the opportunity to mingle with your fellow diners at the bar top or at an outing.

Looking for some comfort food to soothe your soul? With so much to choose from on the menu including stir fry, chicken milanese, crispy fried chicken sliders, philly steak sandwiches, and much, much more… you might as well wave goodbye to any ENS symptom and welcome the comforting feeling of an old-fashioned food coma.

Alongside these savory meals, enjoy a wide selection of drinks including everything from mixed drinks, cocktails, beer, and wine.

But the flavor and decadence doesn’t end there… make the rewarding choice to indulge in desserts at Patrick’s. The restaurant proudly offers a weekly dessert feature, pineapple upside down cake, strawberry cake, crème brûlée, mud pie, and local favorite Valpo Velvet ice cream.

In addition, being 21 and over definitely has its perks at Patrick’s Grille, as dessert is taken to a new level. Next time you stop in, treat yourself to one of Patrick’s signature ice cream cocktails, like the Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper, Golden Cadillac, or Mudslide.

Find the silver lining in the kids heading back to school this season and head over to Patrick’s Grille. With plenty of options and a buzzing community atmosphere, you can kiss ENS goodbye.

To learn more about Patrick’s Grille and everything they have to offer, visit their website at http://www.patricksgrille.com/patricks-grille-menu.