Disc Golfing Gems in Northwest Indiana

Disc Golfing Gems in Northwest Indiana

As the relentless Northwest Indiana winter still clings to its last days, disc golf enthusiasts can be seen slinging frisbees in all climates across Northwest Indiana. Disc golf is a sport that can’t be contained in a court or flat field. It’s a game that takes the player down winding paths in the woods and across breezy prairies and ravines. On lucky occasions, one my even be joined by deer, rabbits and other woodland residents. Beyond that, this is a great sport for those looking for fun, low-to-moderate exercise. A distinguished thing that all disc golfers share is the appreciation of outdoor beauty, in which much can be found in The Region.

Places to Disc Golf

Country Side Park

5250 US HWY 6, Portage

This multi-terrain course offers 18 baskets and more than 5,000 feet of play. Besides disc golf, the park also offers a fishing pond and access to the Prairie Duneland Trail, and is home to the Alton Goin Historical Museum and the restored Traeger Homestead.

Hidden Lake Park

6355 Broadway, Merrillville

The park offers 24 baskets and a moderately hilly terrain. Most notably, it has played host to the state disc golf tournament and PDGA World Championship in the past.

Lemon Lake County Park

6322 W. 133rd Ave, Crown Point

This park is nestled against the Town of Cedar Lake, having two small ponds of its own and has not one but five 18-hole disc golf courses. This park is well-known among disc golfers for hosting the PDGA World Championship on multiple occasions, and is has recently updated and their courses to expand.

Multiple competitions take place throughout the year and Lemon Lake is a favorite for competitive and leisurely players alike. There’s also an extensive disc golf shop on premises that sells equipment and concessions.

Pulaski Park

139 Sheffield Avenue, Hammond

This park offers 18 holes and beautiful walnut and maple trees along the way, offering a nature break from the city and urban atmosphere.

Purdue University Northwest

1401 WS 421, Westville

With 18 baskets and nearly 60,000 feet of course, this spot lies on the south side of the campus near its baseball field. The rolling hills and woods add to the experience, and is well-maintained by the campus.

Rogers Lakewood Park

5502 Campbell Street, Valparaiso

This park is considered to be of championship caliber, and one of the area’s most scenic courses for year-round play. The park itself offers a beautiful lake and wooded trails mixed with grassy, rolling prairies. The course has 24 baskets and stretches for more than 8,000 feet. It also has a disc golfing store in the park for gear.

River’s Edge Park

41 Bernice Road, Munster

This moderately hilly, lightly wooded landscape offers 13 baskets and almost 3,000 feet of course. Many of the drives flank the river and wooded areas for a scenic challenge.

Hawthorne Park

500 Ackerman Drive, Porter

This is a nice course to hit for a quick leisurely game with a 9-basket course spanning across more than 2,000 feet.

Creek Ridge County Park

7943 West 400 North, Michigan City

The 9-basket course spans across 10 acres of park land. Beyond the courses, a huge range of wildlife may join you, such as deer, foxes, raccoons and rabbits, who live among the 112 acres of woodland, prairie and wetlands. There’s also boardwalks, volleyball and salmon fishing on Trail Creek.

Freedom Park

17105 Cline Avenue, Lowell

This 18-hole course stretches across hilly terrain and open fields, perfect to test your will against the wind. The park’s 114 acres also offer a dog park, skate park and walking trails.

A Disc Golfer’s Anatomy

Distance Drivers: These thick-rimmed discs give a straight line of flight, perfect to cut through wind.

Control Drivers: Like a distance driver, this thinner lipped disc is designed to fly nice and straight, and is designed to give the thrower maximum control.

Midrange Discs: These discs are perfect for short-distance throws, like when you approach closer to the basket, as they’re slow fliers.

Dress for Comfort: NWI’s topography requires one to be all-terrain. Sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing is a must, as with most sports, but in the spring, especially, most courses are muddy and wet.

Bug spray: Bring lots of it. Because the courses cut through the wilderness, mosquitos and ticks find a smorgasbord along course trails. Not only are they pesky, but can carry a variety of diseases.

Hydration and snacks: Some of the local park courses sprawl over quite some territory, so be prepared for a hike. Disc golf can work up an appetite, especially if on a rugged course. A picnic along the way adds to the leisure of spending a day in the park.

Where to Get Your Gear:

While the sport is literally a walk through the park, the game itself requires keen focus to develop skill. That means equipment that is finely tuned to the mechanics of the game. Here are some local places that sell gear:

Lemon Lake County Park

6322 W. 133rd Ave, Crown Point

Rogers Lakewood Park

5502 Campbell Street, Valparaiso

Dick’s Sporting Goods

10251 Indianapolis Boulevard, Highland

2225 Southlake Mall, Merrillville

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