Dinner doesn’t have to be a drag – or does it?

Dinner doesn’t have to be a drag – or does it?

Fiddlehead plans special guest curbside deliveries

It’s generally understood that if you walk into Fiddlehead restaurant in the Uptown Arts District of Michigan City, you’re going to have fun. But a different kind of fun awaits this weekend – all from the comfort, and safety, of your vehicle.

After COVID – 19 forced the cancellation of the restaurant’s planned Easter Drag Brunch, owner Aaron O'Reilly began brainstorming ways to bring back the fun while closely following the CDC’s guidelines of social distancing and enforcement of facemasks and other protective wear. And then it came to him, let the drag queens deliver curbside service!

This Saturday at Fiddlehead, you can enjoy delicious pre-ordered food, delivered safely to your cars by local drag stars Wilma Fingerdo, Dena Love Richards-Stratton, and Jayda Pill!

In this time of uncertainty, one thing remains unchanged –Wilma still believes she is the prettiest, even with a mask on!

We’re not the only ones excited for this twist on curbside service.

“Don't try and kiss me! I’m social distancing from you!” Wilma Fingerdo wrote on Facebook as she replied to excited fans and followers looking forward to Saturday’s regulated event.

“Car hopping in stiletto's and heels! I've gotta see this!” Sue Waskow wrote on Facebook.

“OMG how fun! There may be a drive to Michigan City in my future this weekend!” wrote Amy Nikruto on Facebook.

Drive by the restaurant, pick up your food curbside, and say hello to the fabulous queens yourself!

Order your Saturday meal ahead online at Fiddleheadmc.com or call 219-210-3253. Fiddlehead is open for curbside or delivery from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. Fiddlehead of Michigan City ensures its customers that social distancing, gloves, and masks will all apply as usual and will be taken seriously.

Safety Rules & Guidelines

  • Please stay in your car, do not leave your car for any reason while waiting to pick up your carry-out order.
  • Staff and Queens will be wearing gloves and masks at all times. We also encourage any guests who have access to masks to do the same.
  • We encourage trunk pickup to all guests. If you have the ability to let us put the order directly into your trunk, that is the preferred method.
  • There will be absolutely NO touching of any kind, no physical contact.
  • 6 feet applied to all, including staff and queens.
  • All orders will be paid via credit card over the phone or via the website at fiddleheadmc.com, we discourage any cash transactions. If there is cash exchanged, hand washing and changing of gloves will be immediate.
  • You are more than welcome to leave tips via credit card which will be distributed accordingly.
  • Once your order is received, please be courteous of others and do not take up the space for longer than needed.
  • Please be patient, we will be working with a smaller staff than normal as to adhere to social distancing. We will provide the tastiest and fastest food as possible.
  • Order ahead will be accepted for Saturdays starting at 9 pm on the Friday before. These orders can be placed at fiddleheadmc.com.
  • Last but certainly not least, please do not be a stick in the mud! This is or fun, this is to put a smile on your face, this is to show that better days are ahead of all of us! Be lighthearted and take some pics fro the comfort of your car. We are all in this together and we will get through it together!

For more information about Fiddlehead and other events there, check them out on Facebook.