Deep Cuts: Video Made the Internet Star

Deep Cuts: Video Made the Internet Star

On August 1, 1981, video...killed the radio star. And ever since that time video has been a bad, bad, mamma jamma, sparing no social medium in its epic quest for our attentive dominance.

Its power is so heavy, and its presence so looming in our digital age, that, as a digital daydream producer, you really have one choice when coming face-to-face with video, and I believe Roy McAvoy explained this choice best…

“Ride it until it bucks you, or don’t ride at all.”

Give me the Big Dog...

Seven years ago, long before the silent giant of video truly awakened, we decided to take the ride, and it’s been an Avenue of Awesome (pending trademark) ever since.

Per usual, I love to wax nostalgic whenever we hit a milestone, and this past week, a milestone of video we did hit: over 1,000 videos produced. So in this episode of Deep Cuts, take a look back at some of our funniest, “feels”-iest, and flat out best videos we have made for the LIFE sites.

That moment when we had “that moment”:

You know what “that moment” is all about. It’s that time when an opportunity arises, or that “a ha” in your head clicks, and the game is never the same again. Scouring through the archives, I saw a ton of good videos made before this one...but this seemingly fun and free video of Anna and Carly’s trip to Zao Island symbolizes the time we went from good to GOOD.

When the lighthouse took on another symbolic meaning:

I am not sure the official record for most views on one of our videos is, but I would have to say if we did keep score, this video on the history of the Michigan City Lighthouse would be our Billy Mitchell to the Twin Galaxies of video.

When video’s power came to be:

Videos have always been powerful means of telling a story, but it wasn’t until I watched this video we produced called “#DearMe” when I realized just how powerful a vehicle video can be for telling a story. The end result of this video is an emotional rollercoaster of honest, thought provoking advice from an older self to their younger one.

That time when we said “Video, this is us. Us, this is video”

Reader, this is our introduction video. What you will see is a lot of our styles may have changed a little since this came out in 2013. What you will also see is that we have never compromised from our original message of spreading a positive-only message and connecting with the communities that make up “The Region” we love.

And we do love The Region, and we love all the great people who make up this region. And whether it’s video or some other crazy form of communication that eventually replaces video, we’ll continue sharing your GOOD stories.

Deep cuts, out.