Deck & Fence Restoration with TimberSeal

By: TimberSeal, LLC Last Updated: June 1, 2015

Utilizing a unique 6 step process TimberSeal can restore, preserve and beautify your exterior decks, fencing and other wood structures. Wood makes for a great durable building material but in order to extend it’s life and retain its beauty periodic maintenance is needed. The TimberSeal process produces a phenominal end product that not only preserves and protects the wood but also keeps it looking its best while making future maintenance extremely easy! Gone are the days where you have to strip and sand off peeling and blistering finishes! TimberSeal’s deck and fence services include:

STEP 1: Evaluation and Repairs:
TimberSeal technicians make any needed repairs to your deck or fence before the start of the restoration process. This can include replacing damaged or missing deck boards, spindles, stair treads, fence boards or rail caps.

STEP 2: Removal of Prior Finishes:
You can’t successfully refinish a deck without taking off the finish that has failed! TimberSeal technicians will apply the appropriate TimberStrip Pro finish removal solution for the specific coating on your deck or fence. Some coatings require heavy strip solutions applied by a roller while other coatings will require a low pressure spray on solution. In either case your home and surroundings are protected as necessary to insure only the surface we are working on receives the treatment.

STEP 3: Washing of the Surface:
Following the application of the detergents and finish removers your wood deck or fence is washed using our Soft Wash low pressure cleaning system. Since high pressure power washing can damage and tear the wood fibers excessively, TimberSeal only utilizes a low pressure cleaning approach to safely and gently remove containments from the surface. After this process is complete the woods natural color and patina will begin to s how.

STEP 4: Brightening and Neutralizing the Wood:
Applying any cleaning solution to a deck will in fact change the pH of the wood surface. Failure to nuetralize off the detergents and stripping agents will lead to premature finish failure. TimberSeal applies our TimberBright Pro solution to bring the pH of the wood back down to a near neutral pH ( a pH of 7) and to condition the wood for a more even finish absorbtion. This step will also brighten the overall surface and assist in removing any stubborn iron or tannin stains in the wood.

STEP 5: Buffing and/or Sanding of the Deck:
During this step of the process TimberSeal technicians will buff out the deck or other wood in preparation for the stain and sealant application ( does not apply to rough sawn surfaces ). Surfaces are mechanically buffed to remove raised wood grain and to provide a smoother surface and appearance prior to sealing. When more aggresive material removal is needed sanding will be performed (see your specific contract for additional details on what is included).

STEP 6: Stain and Sealant Application:
At this stage your deck or fence has been repaired, restored, brightened, conditioned and buffed out! It’s now ready to apply the protectant and add color and UV protection to it . Technicians apply our combination stain and sealer to your deck or fence utilizing a twin coat application process. Our goal is to give the wood as much finish as will absorb without over application concerns. When complete, allow 24 to 48 hours before enjoying your deck.