Day of Caring Supports Salvation Army of La Porte

By: Contributor Last Updated: August 30, 2013

Day-of-Caring-2013-1On August 23rd, ten staff members from the Carriage House and Cambridge Square (owned by Gene B Glick) participated with the United Way’s National event called “Day of Caring”. These 10 men and women volunteered their entire day to benefit the La Porte Salvation Army.

Five men labored in the warm sun to beautifully relandscaped the front entrance making it a welcoming site for many. The entire project was supported through La Porte businesses.

Day-of-Caring-2013-2The other 5 ladies cheerfully helped organize and prepare for a large community sale that did profit World hunger Services.

This day was so productive and the La Porte Salvation Army was ever so grateful to these volunteers efforts. Many people will benefit from their volunteering on this annual “Day of Caring” through the La Porte County United Way.

The Salvation Army would also like to thank the following businesses for their efforts and donations. Keller’s Limestone Services, Small’s Garden Center, Kabelin’s Ace Hardware, La Porte County Nursery and Noe’s Landscaping an Nursery.

If anyone may be interested in volunteering with the La Porte Salvation Army, please call Jari at 326-5342 (Extension #2)