Currie Motors Ford of Valpo: The lifted truck experts

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo: The lifted truck experts
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: December 10, 2019

Adding a suspension lift kit to your truck is a complex procedure that involves a lot of working parts. Whether you’re using the truck to commute to work every day or planning to carve your own path offroad, choosing the right lift kit is a crucial decision. Currie Motors Ford of Valpo is staffed with the best lift kit experts to get the job done.

“One of the biggest things people love about their lifts is that it makes their truck unique,” said Dave Riley, accessories manager at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo. “Ford has the ‘Built Ford Tough’ status behind it and when you add a lift to that, you’re king of the road.”

“We’re seeing that more buyers are interested in adding a four to six-inch lift kit, which is a mild option,” said Leo Sfikas, general manager at Currie Motors Ford of Valpo. “Northwest Indiana is truck country. Once you get out of Valpo, it’s a very rural area and you want a truck that’s going to be equipped to handle anything. If you decide to go camping, canoeing, you could leave the roadway and make your own trail without the fear of getting stuck or bottoming out along with way.”

While a dealership may not seem like the obvious choice to install your vehicle’s lift kit, Currie’s years of rigorous training, certification and experience in lift kit installation has made them the go-to experts in suspension enhancement. Best of all, working with Currie means you won’t sacrifice the vehicle’s warranty. 

A car’s warranty is a contract between you and the manufacturer. It’s their promise to take care of any applicable repairs. But like any contract, certain circumstances can break it, such as adding a lift kit by a non-certified Ford mechanic. Sfikas said all car manufacturers want to know the people who are installing the kits and ensure they are doing so without tampering with the integrity of the vehicle. 

“We offer the most aggressive stance in terms of knowledge, quality and price on lift kits,” Riley said. “If you go to an independent truck shop, most of the time they are not recalibrating the computer to accept the lift to the bigger truck size. If you get a lift here, you’re working with certified technicians who won’t void the warranty and will have access to the best Ford authorized lift kit brands like Pro Comp and Fox.”

Currie’s passion for lifted trucks runs deep. The dealership is a member of the NWI Truck Club - a group that appreciates the art of a lifted truck.

“Variety is the spice of life,” Sfikas said. “We have a great selection of lift kits for any price range and can get one installed in less than a week.”

For more information on adding a lift kit to your Ford pick-up, visit their website or call (219)-234-2166. To see all the trucks they’ve worked on, visit their Facebook page.