Currie Motors Ford of Valpo gives away 5,000 masks to the public on PPE Day

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo gives away 5,000 masks to the public on PPE Day

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford has developed over 72 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to aid frontline workers in their efforts to keep society and the economy in motion. On Monday, September 28, Ford decided to help keep people safe on a domestic level through their PPE Day.

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo offered 20 free, disposable masks to each person who entered the building. By encouraging both customers and the general public to stop by and pick up free masks while supplies lasted, Currie Motors Ford was able to give back to the communities that kept them going in the early stages of the pandemic.

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo PPE Day

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Currie Motors Ford of Valpo PPE DayCurrie Motors Ford of Valpo PPE DayCurrie Motors Ford of Valpo PPE DayCurrie Motors Ford of Valpo PPE Day

“Ford has given us 5,000 masks to give away to the general public today as a way of thanking the community for standing by and supporting us during the pandemic,” said Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator Shannon Evans. “We’ve given a lot to our service and sales customers. We also have had people come in specifically for the masks. I mean, why not? Why go to the store and spend money on them when you can come and get them from us? We’re all about giving back to the community.”

According to car porter Nick Alonso, Currie Motors Ford saw heavy traffic of people coming in specifically to take advantage of the free masks. Currie Motors Ford was active in promoting the event on social media in the hopes of bringing more people into the facility.

“I’ve been passing them out to every customer who comes in,” Alonso said. “I tell them what it is and why we’re doing it. The masks came directly from Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. My favorite thing to tell people when they seem interested is that we have a little Ford logo on the masks.”

While many people came to the facility exclusively for masks, others were merely customers who happened to come on the right day for a special surprise. This was the case for Sherman and Janet Riggers who were following up on a previous visit to Currie Motors Ford.

“I had been looking online for a Ford pickup truck for a couple of months,” Sherman Riggers said. “I had no intention of buying one when I was here Saturday, but they made such a good deal I had to get it. The masks were a nice, added bonus today.”

Janet Riggers said the masks would certainly benefit their packed household in keeping safe and healthy.

“Our daughter, her husband, and their three children live with us, so we will utilize them quite a bit,” Janet Riggers said.

While this mask giveaway lasted only a day, Currie Motors Ford will donate remaining masks to organizations in the area to help them in their efforts to support the community.

“We are also giving away masks to Valparaiso High School, Morgan Township High School, Boone Grove High School, and the police department. That will happen in October,” Evans said.

To learn more about Currie Motors Ford of Valpo, browse through their website and follow their Facebook page.