Crazy Toppings Makes for Crazy Stories at Albano’s Villa

Crazy Toppings Makes for Crazy Stories at Albano’s Villa
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Pizza can become pretty standard after a while. Ordering traditional pepperoni, sausage, or even a supreme can get dull without finding a way to spice it up. Of course, there are the people who dip their pizza slice in ranch, those who add pineapple, or others who add hot sauce to change up the flavor, but what other ways are there to mix up the traditional?

Over at Albano’s Villa, they’ve seen it all. With over 60 years of experience in the community, it’s no wonder they’ve had some strange toppings, combinations, or dips requested. Take a look at some of the oddest pizza requests they’ve had, and next time you’re out, give them a shot, you never know what will end up being your new favorite!

Ketchup: Yes, there are people who dip their pizza in ketchup. It’s just another tomato product to go with that pizza sauce, right?

Taco Pizza: While this is a staple that Albano’s carries, they’ve had some weird requests for personalizing it. From the people who ask to remove the meat and keep the cheese, lettuce, and tomato, to those asking to add salsa or refried beans, this one has had a few odd changes requested.

Hamburger Pizza: Asking for ground beef on a pizza, not so strange. Asking for the sauce to be replaced with mustard and for pickles and onions to be added, that’s a bit outside of tradition. Maybe a good option for the ketchup dipper?

Albanos-villa-crazy-toppings-2018-2No Sauce/ No Cheese: Not so odd, considering dietary restrictions, but this is one that always seems to throw off a few people inside the kitchen.

Burnt or Extra Well-Done: Some people just love their pizza to be extra crispy. At Albano’s, don’t be surprised to be offered a pizza that isn't cut for you to finish in your own oven at home. It’s nothing personal, they just don’t want people to think they’re burning pizzas on a whim!

Par-Baked: That’s right, dough partially cooked and rapidly frozen to allow people to take their beloved pizzas a bit further away. This allows guests to finish the pizzas at their house or save them for a later date. For people visiting family or friends who have to travel back home, this is the only way to go!

Pizza may seem pretty traditional, but there are infinite ways to mix it up and try something new. In other countries, it isn’t uncommon to add peas! While interesting requests are all part of the job, Albano’s menu can be expected to stay pretty standard for the time being!

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