Community Healthcare System Treats the Athlete in All Through Sports Medicine Program

Community Healthcare System Treats the Athlete in All Through Sports Medicine Program

Those with an active lifestyle or have children involved in athletic programs know the risks involved with sports and strenuous movement. Avoiding all the risks isn’t an option, but being prepared is when a problem arises. That’s why Community Healthcare System has an amazing group of athletic trainers involved in their Sports Medicine program who are dedicated to treating the athlete in everyone!

The program employs licensed athletic trainers to help provide preventative services, immediate care and therapeutic intervention for sports-related injuries. Furthermore, they work on-site with local middle and high school athletes to help evaluate injuries immediately and respond accordingly.

“We provide athletic training services for approximately 22 different institutions throughout Lake County and Porter County,” said Patrick Ohaver, Head Athletic Trainer at Highland High School and Supervisor of Athletic Training Services. “We help provide a safe environment for competition and practice, and quickly assess and triage injuries that may happen or could potentially happen.”

Mary Spina, Head Athletic Trainer at Munster High School and Concussion Clinic Supervisor, detailed the importance of their roles.

“The athletic trainers act as a liaison between the athlete and the team physicians and coaches, athletes and school personnel,” Spina said. “Athletic trainers are at the center of all communication about the athlete's care with all pertinent parties. We find joy in seeing athletes overcome their injuries and have success again.”

Athletic trainers also work with other local teams in Northwest Indiana including Calumet College of St. Joseph and Purdue University Northwest. Their services provide valuable assistance and require a great amount of dedication and passion.

“Fall is the busiest time of the year for us,” Ohaver said. “Many of us work evenings and some of us work seven days a week during that time of the year.”

On the Neuroscience side of Community Healthcare System's Sports Medicine Program, the concussion clinics are dedicated to helping athletes recover to their fullest. After a concussion, quick care and adequate time to heal are incredibly important. Community Healthcare System's Sports Medicine group, located in the new Neuroscience and Sports Medicine building in Schererville, works to help all patients, whether athletes or not, recover from their injuries and return to their daily activities as soon as possible. Physicians and athletic trainers also work collaboratively with primary care physicians to be sure treatment remains until the patient is fully healed. 

“As athletic trainers, we receive a lot of concussion education in our athletic training curriculum and on-the-job training,” Spina said. “We also do a great deal of required continuing education.”

"Every two years, we have to submit continuing education credits and we're always learning more techniques or evaluation skills," said Ohaver.

With sports being so popular among those both young and old, having a dedicated program available to treat them is of the utmost importance. Community Healthcare System is stepping into this role and helping ensure that the Region can keep on moving!

For more information on Community Healthcare System and their Sports Medicine program, visit them here!