Combat holiday stains with the help of Tudor Floors & More Carpet One

Combat holiday stains with the help of Tudor Floors & More Carpet One
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: December 23, 2019

With the holidays comes hot chocolate, red wine, cranberry sauce, eggnog, and so much more. What happens when these holiday delicacies end up mixed into your carpet? Don’t stress—when life’s little messes happen, Tudor Floors & More Carpet One is here to help you clean them up.

Stains and spills are bound to happen, especially during the holiday season, but you can keep your carpet looking holiday party-ready with a little Stain First Aid. In all cases, the best cure for a spill is a speedy response. If a spill becomes a stain, it will be much more difficult to remove.

“When you get a spill, act quickly to minimize the stain as much as possible. The longer the delay, the greater the possibility of the stain becoming permanent,” said Sharon Tudor, Product and Design Specialist at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One.

Whether it’s a new stain or an old one, here are some tips and advice on how to act fast during the holiday season.

Some helpful things to have on-hand in the wake of a spill

  • Clear dishwashing detergent
  • White vinegar
  • White towels
  • Warm water
  • Sponges
  • White paper towels
  • Books

Cleaning steps for most stains

  1. Create your own cleaning solution
  2. Mix ½ teaspoon clear dishwashing detergent with 1 cup warm (not hot) water.
  3. Blot up spill
  4. Apply cleaning solution using a damp towel and leave for 3-5 minutes
  5. Blot-don't rub
  6. Apply undiluted white vinegar using a damp sponge
  7. Blot-don't rub
  8. Apply water with a damp sponge
  9. Blot again
  10. Finish by weighing down a half-inch thick pad of white paper towels with books to absorb all the moisture
  11. Leave overnight if necessary

Combatting holiday stains

Hot Chocolate

Red Wine

Tudor’s go-to cleanable carpet brands

  • Smartstrand carpet, made with DuPont Sorona fiber, is a very cleanable carpet option sold at Tudor. SmartStrand® made with DuPont™ Sorona® polymer represents a breakthrough in carpet fiber technology, available exclusively in Mohawk® Carpet. They have produced a superior type of carpet fiber that combines exceptional durability with permanent, engineered-in stain protection that won't wash or wear off. Smartstrand offers a lifetime stain and soil warranty as well as an all pet protection warrantee.
  • Shaw Floor’s exclusive R2X system goes beyond conventional repellents that only protect the surface of the carpet. With R2X, carpets are armed with total fiber coverage, offering complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn. This total fiber coverage offers unprecedented protection against household spills and everyday soiling. With R2X, spills that reach the base of the yarn don't penetrate and wick back to the top as they do with conventional solutions.
  • Also available at Tudor, Dixie Home carpets which are Stainmaster 6.6, the most durable carpet fiber made. Dixie Home carpets have a permanent stain resistance built into each product. The brand also has a food and beverage warranty in addition to stains that were caused by pets and people.

Be as merry and jolly as you want this year and let the stress of stain removal drift away thanks to Tudor Floors & More Carpet One’s helpful tips and tricks. For further information, visit