Colorful art, themed rooms greet visitors at the riverside Tortuga Inn in Winamac

Colorful art, themed rooms greet visitors at the riverside Tortuga Inn in Winamac

In 1994, Linda “Lee” Ligocki set out to provide her community with something it desperately needed – a unique, affordable, and top-rated place for visitors to stay in Winamac, Ind. That’s, in part, how the Tortuga Inn was born on the banks of the Tippecanoe.

“I designed the structure of the building and the style and décor of each room. I wanted an open concept. There are four main bedrooms each with private baths on the lower level and two primitive suite cabins allowing for larger groups such as hunters or church groups,” Ligocki said.

Until the mid-90s, Ligocki had been opening her home to those in town who needed a place to stay.

“I never minded having company over. I had been entertaining guests for years at my main home, and once I saw how much a place like the Tortuga Inn was needed in the area, I went for it,” Ligocki said. “I try to keep it really homey-feeling. It doesn’t feel like most inns. It’s not Victorian style at all.”

Ligocki displays her personal art in each eclectic room. Some of the highlights include an Egyptian room, an Austrian room, and a Kite Suite with kites hanging from the ceiling that she has flown before on the farm.

Ever since she was young, Ligocki has considered herself an artist.

“My mom always said if you found me, I would be entertaining myself drawing somewhere,” Ligocki said. “Now, I create everything from abstract, surrealism, to plein air painting.”

The colorful décor, affordable rates, close-by attractions, cleanliness, and exposure to nature are just a few of the attributes that keep the Tortuga Inn completely booked most of the year. It is rated 9.5 out of 10 on and 4.8 out of 5 on

“We have something for everybody. From families to couples, fisherman and hunters to church groups,” Ligocki said. “There’s always something to do here.”

One of the main attractions for guests to enjoy is the Tippecanoe River, located right in the Tortuga Inn’s backyard.

“Our guests bring their fishing rods, tubes, and canoes for fun days out on the river. It’s a five-hour float each day if guests choose to split up the float. Many of them will do the first half and stay with us, and then finish the float at the Tippecanoe River State Park.”

The Tippecanoe River is one of the only rivers left in the state of Indiana that still has freshwater clams living in it, which means it is one of the cleanest rivers.

“There’s no place like it,” Ligocki said. “We’re a five-star quality inn at an affordable and friendly price. And best of all – it’s quiet and peaceful.”

Customer reviews

“There is art hanging on the walls and standing around everywhere - that's great! We would stay there again sometime” – René, Germany

“The property was amazing. It was hidden away with a combination of artistic style and modern conveniences. A beautiful porch to enjoy. Our hosts were so kind and helpful. They made our stay extra special. They definitely have future return guests here” –Rick, United States

“This stay is 5 times worth the cost! Beautiful location right on the river surrounded by tall trees and natural elegance. Linda is a superb host and owner who has arranged the property in a most appealing way. The room and common areas are filled with awesome art and decorations. There is more to enjoy here than I have mentioned, and I’m sure that you will appreciate this place in your own unique ways” –Michael, United States

“The Inn is filled with beautiful artwork and the scenery is breathtaking. This was our second stay at Tortuga Inn and cannot wait to visit again” –Kathleen, United States

“This was one of the most unique and enjoyable places I have ever stayed in. Linda makes sure her guests are most comfortable and forgets nothing. Just wish we could have stayed a 2nd night” –Jeanne, United States

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