City of Hammond Celebrates the Region with 8th Annual 219 Day

City of Hammond Celebrates the Region with 8th Annual 219 Day

On Saturday, February 17, the City of Hammond celebrated the Region with its 8th annual 219 Day at the Hammond Civic Center. Celebrations such as this include a variety of different people and vendors in attendance. 

The theme of the 8th annual 219 Day was country/western theme. The live performers played covers of Bluegrass and Country songs. During intermissions between bands, the DJ played plenty of old-school and new-school country songs, so all ages could enjoy their time. 

City of Hammond 219 Day 2024

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City of Hammond 219 Day 2024City of Hammond 219 Day 2024City of Hammond 219 Day 2024City of Hammond 219 Day 2024

For those who wanted to do some extracurricular activities, there were cutout photos of Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. along with plenty of props that everyone was able to get photos with. There was also the task of lasting on a mechanical bull that fit the country/western theme perfectly. 

Not only were there people from different counties around the Region in attendance, but there were quite a few vendors there as well.

“I think this event brings awareness and exposure for the company. People come in, they get to try our games and most likely we are going to hand them a postcard or something similar," said Joel Bender, owner of Mind Bender Office Games in Whiting, Indiana. 

"The hope is that they come in and have a lot of exposure to new people here. There has been cabin fever, it is February, people have been inside for a couple of months and it is usually a big crowd.”

Hammond’s showcase of the Region during this event, backed by Mayor McDermott, brought a good time to all of those there. Hammond made sure everyone was celebrating the Region the right way, from live music, a DJ during intermissions, a shout-out to all the sponsors, drinks, food, and a pinata.  

These are the types of things that have allowed the city of Hammond to execute this celebration over the last eight years. It is the reason vendors and people keep coming as well. 

“We have been doing this event for five or six years. It is always a great crowd. It is great to watch people from all different places and there is always great live music. Mayor McDermott has done a great job,” said Bender.

Mayor McDermott made sure he went around the room and gave his greetings to everyone, and even got a microphone and shared his gratitude towards all those in attendance and the sponsors/vendors who were able to make this amazing night happen once again. 

“This has been such a great opportunity to be able to network in the region that we live and work in. Being able to let people know that the party chasers are available for any of the events that they have coming up has been a dream come true,” said Trelane Grayson, owner of the Party Chasers. 

With hundreds of members of the Region gathered together, the atmosphere was electric. A worthwhile celebration was no tough task. The love for the city of Hammond and the Region itself was certainly perceived by all.