Chesterton Physical Therapy Grand Opening Brings Quality Care to Michigan City

Chesterton Physical Therapy Grand Opening Brings Quality Care to Michigan City
By: Anna Ortiz Last Updated: March 17, 2018

Chesterton Physical Therapy opened its second location in Michigan City Friday, offering quality care to the city by the lake.

Owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dimple Singh, above all, is proud to be able to help more individuals on their path to a healthier, happier self.

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"It is unending how much we can do for someone," Dr. Dimple Singh said. "This is by far the cheapest way to get healthy - no injections, no medications, no surgery - and there's no risk. Most of the people here today are patients who are here to support us because we've made a difference in their lives."

Chandra Singh, administrator and an owner of Chesterton Physical Therapy, said the decision to open another location in addition to their primary center in Chesterton, the 10-year-strong business, was driven by their clients.

"We see a need for good physical therapy in Michigan City," Chandra Singh said. "A lot of our patients are from Michigan City, so rather than our patients coming to us, we decided to come to them."

As the Singhs held giant scissors in hand, surrounded by their staff, the optimism and excitement was apparent in their smiles.

"We feel awesome, this is fantastic," Chandra Singh said. "We are very joyful to be here, this is a great community."

This also marked another momentous occasion: this was the first time the Duneland Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce both attended a ribbon cutting.

The site at Michigan City, located in a lively business hub at 320 Dune Plaza, was a vacant building for years. Now it’s a vibrant, open space that exudes positivity and relaxation.

“I think we need to do more of this,” Janelle Elwood of the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce said. “It brings businesses together and people together, and ultimately the whole community together.”

Beth Luncsford of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce was overjoyed to see a beloved member of the Chesterton business community grow.

“I think it’s awesome when a business succeeds enough to open a second location,” Luncsford said. “With their fit for life program, physical therapy and massage therapy, they’re a one-stop shop. The Chesterton community is lucky to have them.”

The Michigan City location currently has four staff members, but they plan to expand to a 12 to 14 person staff. Giving another reason for festivities - Dr. Dimple Singh and her daughter both celebrated their birthdays on March 16th. There was no better way than to celebrate in the company of "family."

"What sets us apart is that the patient is not just a number, they're more like a family member, and we treat them as family," Chandra Singh said.

Several patients from the Chesterton location came to the grand opening to show their support, and enjoy refreshments, food, raffles, free shirts, tours and discounts on the business’s many services. Customer Carol Shepard said her six months as a customer has made a world of a difference.

"They're just so friendly. They work with you and listen to your problems, and they've made progress," Shepard said.

Melynda Dahl, physical therapy assistant, works with Shepard and several other patients to remedy their pain and health issues.

"We have a lot of great treatments we offer our patients, and we never give up on people," Dahl said.

Chesterton Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of treatment options, from traditional approaches to high-tech therapies, all working simultaneously together. That combined with a dedicated staff of professionals equals out to outstanding care.

"That's what is missing in healthcare," Dr. Dimple Singh said. "It's the time given to patients, and we provide that quality time and listening."

Often, Dr. Dimple Singh said, surface issues are indicators of deeper problems.

"Your strength is your health," she explained. "We are able to actually forecast heart health down the road, and education is key. The more we can teach someone, the better care they can take of themselves."

Whether a senior citizen who is a fall risk to students experiencing back problems from a heavy backpack, Chesterton Physical Therapy is a wealth of options and knowledge.

Atilla Tuncay, a regular patient, had tried other solutions to ease his back pain, but felt he was getting nowhere between steroid shots and other physical therapy sessions. It all changed when he walked through Chesterton Physical Therapy’s doors and met Dimple Singh.

“I was hopeless when I came to her office,” Tuncay said. “But she gave me encouragement. With her direct supervision, my back pain is gone and my muscles are stronger. It’s been a tremendous improvement.”

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