Center for Hospice Care Offers a Plethora of Volunteer Opportunities

Center for Hospice Care Offers a Plethora of Volunteer Opportunities

Center for Hospice Care is constantly looking for compassionate like-minded souls to join their volunteer team. The team includes members from all ages and life experiences whom hold skills that are matched with the tasks within their mission. Many are drawn to hospice work for various reasons, but all contribute to uniting the team with a compassionate desire to help others.

From ongoing or occasional, to seasonal opportunities, Center for Hospice Care has a multitude of volunteer roles that are always needing to be filled. 

There are four ongoing opportunities that are needed area-wide. The most requested and biggest ongoing need is the Home Visit Volunteer that provides companionship to patients who live in their homes and respite for their caregivers. The Extended Care Facility Volunteer socializes and assist with activities for patients in nursing homes of assisted living communities.

Other options for ongoing needs are the Inpatient Unit Volunteer, whom provides support for patients, family and staff or the Hospitality Volunteer.

Occasional Volunteer Needs opportunities are needed on an intermittent basis and can be paired with any opportunities from the Ongoing Needs volunteer opportunities. Such include Hair Stylists and Barbers, Pet Visitation, Veteran visits, and Bereavement Volunteers. Unique volunteer options for this category include the Life Story Volunteer, where one interviews a patient and records their life, or the Tuck In Volunteer where one calls patients and caregivers to assure they are prepared for the weekend.

Seasonal Opportunities include becoming a Camp Evergreen Volunteer, a buddy to a child camper who has lost a loved one, or a Special Event Volunteer, one that assists with fundraising events. Another opportunity is making volunteer-made blankets for hospitality visits and Camp Evergreen from groups such as Scouts, sewing or church groups, or individuals passionate about the mission.

Center for Hospice Care believes that volunteers play a vital role at their facility and prepare them by ensuring they are well equipped with valuable knowledge. Such education includes hospice and palliative care philosophy and concepts, family dynamics and coping, emergency procedures, and more.

They accommodate anyone who is willing to volunteer by working around demanding schedules and also providing online training options.

The Center for Hospice Care work their hardest to make the volunteer experience convenient and offer a plethora of unique and compassionate opportunities for all. If you are interested in becoming a part of the volunteer team at Center for Hospice care, apply online at