Center for Creative Solutions, Inc. Announces “#workliveinnovatively: Igniting the Flame of Innovation”

By: Center for Creative Solutions, Inc. Last Updated: July 10, 2014

center-for-creative-solutions-incTired of the latest "best practice" for your organization that lasts for about a month? Frustrated by co-workers who resist new ideas?

On August 5, 2014, the Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.™ will empower you to build and sustain a culture of innovation in your business or organization. Though igniting the flame of innovation can be difficult, it will transform you and your organization. It may mean the difference between thriving or dying– making an impact or becoming irrelevant.

The session runs from 3 - 4:15 p.m. Host location is the Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation conference room, 809 Washington Street, La Porte. The registration fee is $20. Reservations should be made by contacting the Center at 861-0955 or

This event is sponsored by the Center. Community partners include Ivy Tech College Northwest, Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana and the Gerald I. Lamkin Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

Presenters for the session are Keri Marrs Barron and Cynthia Hedge. Both are innovation facilitators, trained at the International Center for Studies in Creativity and Change Leadership, Buffalo State College (SUNY) in New York. They have facilitated and trained in innovation for businesses, non-profit organizations, government bodies, schools and churches throughout the United States.

According to Hedge and Marrs Barron, session participants will learn:

  • What elements make up an innovative environment.
  • Why an innovative culture is key to your success.
  • How you can impact the environment.
  • What barriers you may face– and how to anticipate and deal with the resisters.
  • How to sustain an innovative culture that extends beyond you and your tenure.
  • How to use practical, easy tools that can help you along the way.

The Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.™ is a local non-profit organization. It offers tailor-made training, facilitation and coaching in many areas including strategic planning, creativity and innovation, Creative Problem Solving, leadership, civility, conflict resolution, team building, ethics, communication, bullying and etiquette in the workplace, board of directors duties and responsibilities, to name a few.

Any organization, business and persons wanting more information about building and sustaining an innovative culture may contact the Center at 219-861-0955.