Catch the Latest Edition of “The Indiana State Police Road Show”

Indiana-State-Police-logoCatch the latest edition of the "Indiana State Police Road Show" radio program every Monday morning at your convenience.

Download the program from the Network Indiana public website at Look for the state police logo on the main page and follow the download instructions. This 15 minute talk show concentrates on public safety and informational topics with state wide interest.

The radio program was titled "Signal-10" in the early sixties when it was first started by two troopers in northern Indiana. The name was later changed to the "Indiana State Police Road Show" and is the longest continuously aired state police public service program in Indiana.

Radio stations across Indiana and the nation are invited to download and air for FREE this public service program sponsored by the Indiana State Police Alliance and Cops for Kids, a subsidiary of the Indiana State Police Alliance.

This week's show features Indiana State Police Sergeant Anthony Emery and Trooper Brian Harshman. Emery, Harshman and the show's host, Sergeant Richard Myers, discuss Operation Pull Over and safe driving practices that should be adhered to while attending St. Patrick's, Big Ten and other events taking place in the Indianapolis area over the weekend and throughout the week.