Career and Technical Education Students Honored

Career and Technical Education Students Honored

The LaPorte County Career and Technical Education program at the A.K. Smith Career Center in Michigan City virtually streamed its 2020 Awards Program on Thursday, May 7. During the program, returning members of the Technical Honor Society were recognized and new students were inducted. Several students were also honored with scholarships and awards. 

The May 7 ceremony was led by Director of Career and Technical Education, Audra Peterson, and addressed the four pillars of the society. They included: ExcellenceCharacterTechnology, and Work Ethic.

“The Technical Honor Society honors students who have shown dedication and professionalism and possess the skills necessary to be selected as the best of the best in their chosen field,” said Peterson. “These students demonstrate that career and technical education is a viable, practical, and challenging educational path, and we are so proud of them.”

The following 49 students were inducted into the Society, representing seven area high schools. The schools include Lacrosse High School, LaPorte High School, Michigan City High School, New Buffalo High School, New Prairie High School, South Central High School, and Westville High School.

Automotive Technology

Dylan Wood

Construction Technology

Justin Baltes, Oakley Benson, Wyatt Hay, Matthew Loftis, Loeta McKinley, Ian Toth, Michael Wienke


Taylor Kleine, Jennie Martinez

Criminal Justice

Alexis Gooding, Kamryn Nichols, Jaiden Wahl

Culinary Arts

Abigail Heward, Rebecca Nielson, Emanual Santos

Digital and Visual Communications

Katie Killingbeck, Griffin Piotrowski

Education Professions

Emily Carter, Kylee Hughes, Ella Mosley, Fatima Mota


Jacqueline Martinez, Aubrey Schnick, Micah Wright

Energy Academy      

Antonio Conley, Christian Hampton, Simon Kubaszyk, Richard LeDonne, Bethaney Walker

Fire Science  

Grace Boocher, Kayla Lemmon, Janet Sumano

Health Careers Academy I

Falyn Anthony, Bryanna Charite, Tahila Daniels, Allee Garner, Samantha Goetz, Alyssa Lisenko, Holly Trieu, Tyah Wall

Health Careers Academy II

Shalynn Rogers, Saira Schwartz

Modern Machine Technology        

Matt Case 


Trevor Eggert, Daniel Koladin, Aiden White, Jessica Wilhem  

The students listed above joined the following returning Technical Honor Society members: 

Jory Bales, Horatio Bankhead, Eva Barron, Sydney Bearickx, Missy Bucher, Layla Crawford, Serena Cuevas, Hayden Downs, Tyler Greaber, Koryn Hollingshead, Diamond Jimerson, Gavin Kelly, Amanda Kuzmin, Aaliyah McGill, Allen Metts,19 Hannah Pittman, Lauren Summa, Anna Salisbury, Zoe Spence, Hayley Sikora, Andrea Zaknoun, and Zoie Zaknoun.

Each of the CTE programs at A. K. Smith also recognized an Outstanding Student of the Year. They included:

Modern Machine Technology: Matt Case

Automotive Technology: Leann Bailey

Career Skill: Brian Dean II

Construction Technology (AK Smith): Michael Wienke

Construction Technology (NPHS): Gavin Kelly, Tyler Graeber

Cosmetology: Jennie Martinez

Criminal Justice and Law: Layla Crawford

Culinary Arts: Anna Salisbury

Digital and Visual Communications: Griffin Piotrowski

Education Profession: Jory Bales

EMT: Evan Powers

Energy Academy: Bethaney Walker

Facility Maintenance: William Mack

Fire Science: Kayla Lemmon

Health Careers Academy I: Alyssa Lisenko                      

Health Careers Academy II: Eva Barron

Welding Technology: Jessica Wilhelm

Each year a student representative from each high school is selected as the Outstanding Student of the Year for La Porte County Career and Technical Education. This year’s recipients were: 

LaCrosse High School: Shaylyn Rogers

La Porte High School: Jennie Martinez

Michigan City High School: Andrea Zaknoun

New Buffalo High School: Rebecca Nielson

New Prairie High School: Leann Bailey

South Central High School: Layla Crawford

Westville High School: Elijah Morgan

The following students, who reached benchmarks during the school year such as attendance and community service, were awarded Regional and Governor Work Ethic Certificates:

Salvador Aguirre, Dakoda Akers, Brandon Allen, Felicitas Arce, Peyton Ash, Alexandria Bailey, Leann Bailey, Jory Bales, Eva Barron, Gavin Barnes, Caleb Blair, Abigail Campos, Jacob Clark, Chaton Crawford, Layla Crawford, Aleea Cooley, Tahlia Daniels, Elysha Davis, Nyhilia Durham, Dwayne Eagle, Gabrielle Ferguson, Allee Garner, Samantha Goetz, Emily Gross, Omiaya Hatch, Larissa Herzog, Abigail Herward, Alan Hollingshead, Alec Hollingshead, Kylee Hughes, Diamond Jimerson, Bailey Jordan, Taylor Kleine, Shawn Klepinger, Simon Kubaszyk, Amanda Kuzmin, Richard LeDonne, Kayla Lemmon, Brisa Magana, Hannah Magil, Jennie Martinez, Loeta McKinely, Aaliyah McGill, Shaun Mitchell, Stanley Morris, Fatima Mota, Kamryn Nichols, Rebecca Nielson, Gavin Odle, Kaylie Pacione, Zachary Parker, Yazmin Parras, Hannah Pittman, Mia Pool, Alisha Redmon, Madison Rhew, Jeffrey Robinett, Shalynn Rogers, Christopher Rose, Anna Salisbury, Emanuel Santos, Saira Schwartz, Haley Sikora, Felicia Skelton, Geddy Smith, Jacob Smoker, Da’Nai Smothers-Davis, Zoe Spence, Nathan Stacey, Janet Sumano, Lauren Summa, John Thatcher, Holly Trieu, Tyler Yazmin, Tyah Wall, Alexia Wallace, Bethaney Walker, Alyssa Walters, Breyonna Washington, Lucas White, Michael Wienke, Jessica Wilhelm, Ashun’ Tia Worlds, Kathryn Zabel, and Andrea Zaknoun.  

Other special awards presented during the May 7 ceremony included: 

  • The 2020 Jim Wallace Memorial Award, which was presented in memory of a previous instructor’s husband. This award honors a Culinary Arts student who demonstrates dedication, loyalty, and professionalism. This was awarded to Anna Salisbury.
  • The Brad Cohen Award was established in honor of Brad Cohen, who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome. This award honors a student who, like Cohen, has overcome obstacles. This was awarded to Jacob Day.

The May 7 virtual ceremony is available for viewing at