Burn Em’ Brewing Brings Friendship and Family to the Brewing Scene

By: Contributor Last Updated: June 21, 2015

A bunch of friends sitting around drinking beer on a Friday night. What do they talk about? Their dreams of starting their own brewery of course. But for Steve Murray, his brother Blake and the rest of the partners in Burn 'Em Brewery, their dream is finally coming true.

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It was less than 3 years ago when the first discussions of wanting to start a brewery began and now the team is celebrating with the grand opening of their tap room. The crew had garnered plenty of experience home brewing for a while, earning enough experience and expertise to start writing a few of their own creative recipes.

However, 3 years ago this was all a dream. Steve was working at Greenbush Brewery and learned a lot from its owner Scott and his story about working in the brewing business. By forming a stronger relationship, this made his dream even more vivid and soon visions of doing a business like this for himself began forming in his mind.

When Scott offered up his old equipment for sale during and upgrade, Steev realized this was an opportunity they could not pass up, and was quick to take advantage of this opportunity. Steve and his 7 friends got together and decided to begin the journey to create a place where they could come every day to work and have a blast doing it. This was the official start of Burn 'Em Brewery.

The name you ask? The name is rooted from the Murray's father's middle name Burnham. The taproom was once the Murray family office, shared by Steve and Blake's parents and grandfather. This office and building has now been transformed into a full-featured brewery and small taproom. The official soft opening of this taproom happened on May 9th, Steve and Blake father's birthday.

Getting to this opening was a ton of work. Getting the name picked, building ready and logo set was a long journey that Steve has been an integral part of since the beginning. Steve drew the original logo which has since been properly formatted and rendered by a graphic designer. They have since had the pleasure of working with Max Clarke, for all of their artwork, with his distinctive and recognizable art style featured on their cans that stays true Burn 'Em style.

On June 20th, 2015 Burn 'Em celebrated with a Grand Opening Party. Nearly 1000 people packed the property to drink from 20 taps, listen to 5 bands, and celebrate the success and path the team at Burn 'Em is crafting for themselves. Bands included: Howe, Jim Post, Mostly Ghostly, Max Clarke and The Cut Worms, The Diggity.

“This party was a great way to experience all that Burn 'Em has to offer while being surrounded by good music and fun people,” said party-goer Sherina Gonzalez. “I could do this every weekend!"

What does the team at Burn 'Em team want to share with everyone? Steve says he "wants to bring amazing, quality beer to the community and have fun doing it". Cheers to that!