Boulder Bay Realty Group encourages help for PCACS during pandemic

Boulder Bay Realty Group encourages help for PCACS during pandemic
By: Boulder Bay Realty Last Updated: April 14, 2020

It's not about the house, its about the people. This has been the driving principle for Boulder Bay Realty from day one. Our agents spend their days serving others and have been called to focus this energy on the people in our community who need it the most right now.

What does this need look like?
Community members who have lost their jobs, and their only sources of income, and are waiting for unemployment assistance.

“We want to help those who are not already receiving food stamp assistance and who need immediate help feeding their families,” said Bruce Lindner from Porter County Aging and Community Services (PCACS). “The team hopes to help seniors who are mobility challenged and have to remain in their homes or families that are facing unprecedented situations by being pushed into a place that they have never been before.”

Boulder Bay Realty has partnered with PCACS to raise funds that will go directly to the community. PCACS has the transportation and the people they need to get supplies to this vulnerable population. But they are struggling to fill the trucks with what these individuals and families need most.

Porter County Aging and Community Services van delivering supplies

This is where you come in! If you are like our agents, you have been at home trying to figure out how you can help in a safe way. A donation to PCACS will go directly to purchase food and basic supplies that and be delivered to their door. This will allow our community to stay safely at home. Every trip out of the house feels scary right now. Let’s join together and help PCACS help our community.

We are in this together! Your donation will maximize their ability to safely reach everyone in our community who has a need. PCACS has arrangements with some of the big stores in town to cautiously box up the purchased products with gloves to limit the handling of the packages. These packages will then be sealed and delivered to those in desperate need. Join us in our fight to provide basic necessities to our neighbors in need. Let’s help our community in a safe way.

Boulder Bay Realty wants to Thank You! Every donation made to PCACS through Boulder Bay Realty’s initiative will enter you into a drawing to win a prize. Remember every little bit helps! Be sure to visit Face Book for updates and fun at the same time. Visit our facebook page at: Porter County Strong. It’s Not About The House It’s About The People.

Will you please help?
Below is a link to directly donate to PCACS and make a difference.