Boston Middle School Band is Not Bland!

By: Boston Middle School Last Updated: March 19, 2015

Boston-Middle-School-Band-Not-Bland-CollageThe Boston Middle School 7th grade band is getting ready for the ISSMA music contest on Saturday, March 21. At the contest, they will have to perform three different pieces for three music judges. Since the band does not meet all together during the school day, the 7th grade band stayed after school to make sure all the details were finalized for their big performance on Saturday.

First they started by rehearsing on the stage for about one hour. But then, it gets wild! Their teacher, Mrs. Sullivan invented a game which involved teamwork, lung capacity, and getting messy. “Basically, I cover a penny up with flour, and then students relay to blow the flour off of the penny. At first, kids think I’m crazy, but when I tell them the winners get to eat pizza first, things get real.” 7th grade students enjoyed pizza, chips, and lots of Mountain Dew after their game.

ISSMA contest for middle school bands, orchestras, and choirs will be held on Saturday, March 21 at the LaPorte High School Auditorium. All groups must choose three pieces to perform and will be scored by three music judges. The 7th grade band will perform Cimarron, Lyric Prelude, and African Folk Trilogy starting at 8:30AM.