Blackbird Bio: Caitlin Vanlaningham and Karin Woodside

By: Blackbird Cafe Last Updated: January 7, 2014

Caitlin-KarinThe staff of Ideas in Motion Media (the team that brings you the website and more) are some of our best customers. We regularly cater their staff meetings, and we see several of them, including lifer-in-chief Chris Mahlmann, nearly every day.

This week's Blackbird Bio features just two of the loyal Ideas in Motion team: Caitlin Vanlaningham and Karin Woodside. Caitlin is an editor who manages the life coverage team and writes articles and features for all four of the life websites. Karin is also an editor, as well as an accounts manager. She “makes their partner businesses more visible,” and ensures they get proper promotion.

Caitlin's favorite blackbird picks are our bagel breakfast sandwiches, our “delicious” hazelnut coffee, and the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Karin loves our greek salad with its “aaahmazing” dressing (she insisted we write it that way!), the blt with a bite sandwich, and the crazy cookies.

In lieu of the usual questions about sports and super powers, we asked these ladies about their new year’s resolutions. Caitlin plans to run more. She wants to do more races and to tackle her first half-marathon. Karin says “I don’t really do resolutions.” She believes progress should happen all year long. "I like to achieve goals I've set for myself- it’s always a process.”

Thank you, Caitlin and Karin, for your aaahmazing smiles and your devotion to blackbird café!