Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville Customers Can Finance Through REGIONAL federal credit union

By: Tim Moran Last Updated: July 29, 2014

berman-infiniti-opening-threeCustomers of Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville can now finance through REGIONAL federal credit union, one the the largest in Northwest Indiana.

Instead of having to apply through REGIONAL, members can go straight to the dealership to set-up indirect lending, said Kevin Kosek, vice president of marketing and business development for REGIONAL.

“REGIONAL works with 14 dealerships on an indirect platform, but we wanted some luxury brands and thought Infiniti was one our members could benefit from,” said Kosek, noting that the decision was “a no-brainer” based on the credit union’s previous partnership with Jae Chang, General Manager at Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville.

regional-fcu-networking-1“It’s a new relationship with Infiniti, but it doesn’t feel like one since we have done work with Jae in the past,” Kosek said. “We trust Berman’s, they have a good relationship with our lending team.”

Chang says Berman’s created the indirect relationship with REGIONAL for “many reasons.”

“They do good things for the community, have a great relationship with its members and I have been associated with them in the past when I managed other dealerships,”  Chang said.

As part of the culture at Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville, Chang said “we strive for every interaction to be truly exceptional, be it with our partners or with us directly. Offering choices today in a consumer driven economy adds to our pledge.”

Kosek said the brand at Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville is “outstanding.”

“It's a high luxury brand,” he said. “If you want to deal with a company that is well trusted, Berman’s is the place. Their reputation in Illinois is positive and we are happy to have them in Northwest Indiana as an option for our members.”