Barker Middle School National Geography Bee 2016-2017

By: Michigan City Area Schools Last Updated: December 21, 2016

Barker-Middle-School-National-Geography-Bee-2016-2017_01Barker held the annual school-wide National Geography Bee in December. All students participated in the multiple choice first round test. The top 50 students advanced and competed in the short answer Round 2. The top 10 finalists competed in an oral competition which required students to verbally answer questions, record and show answers, and sometimes refer to a map of the United States.

Barker-Middle-School-National-Geography-Bee-2016-2017_02Mrs. Miller, 8th grade Reading teacher, and Mrs. Hamann, Curriculum Coach, proctored the event. The top two students battled it out for 8 rounds until the runner-up and school champion were announced. Barker's School Runner-Up was 8th grader Deven Switzer and the School Champion is 8th grader Alyssa Lisenko. Alyssa will be studying over Winter Break for the state qualifying exam in January to attempt to advance to the State Geography Bee which is in April at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Good Luck, Alyssa!