Barker Middle School 2016 “Measuring Up” Project

By: Barker Middle School Last Updated: December 21, 2016

Barker-Middle-School-Measuring-Up-Project-2016Mrs. Gushrowski, 8th grade Algebra and Math teacher, and Mr. Blakeney, Special Needs teacher, wrote a Michigan City Education Foundation Small Grants for Teachers in October for the project “Measuring Up”. During December her Algebra students teamed up with the special needs classes of Ms. Abbey, Ms. Krachinski, and Mr. Blakeney to complete the project.

“Measuring Up” was a hands-on collaboration with special needs and advanced students to practice measuring skills and precision by creating “Cookies-in-a-jar”, baking cookies, and marketing some of the jars for sale. This creative unique project supports the special needs students in learning measurement, precision, living skills, and following procedures/directions. The collaborative effort between advanced students and those of special needs helped students in seeing the value and reward in helping others.