Barker 8th Graders Take Canoe Field Trip in 2017

By: Michigan City Area Schools Last Updated: October 4, 2017

Barker-8th-Graders-Take-Canoe-Field-Trip-in-2017Barker 8th grade Science students for the fourth year in a row have participated in "Trail Creek Week" headed up by Nicole Messacar of the LaPorte County Soil and Conservation District on September 28th. The Wilderness Canoemobile groups come all the way from Minnesota with the goal of getting students outside and aware of their environment, in this case Trail Creek and Lake Michigan. Students particpate in this field trip as a part of an interdisciplinary study about water and our human impact on Earth.

The Wilderness Canoemobile has been getting groups of students outside since 1978. Their canoemobile carries six 24-foot canoes each that will carry 10 canoers. The very last seat is for a canoemobile expert guide. Students also participated in 4 land activities with volunteers: Kayak Safety--Northwest Indiana Paddlers Association, History of Indiana Dunes--Barker Mansion, Water Quality--Water Conservation District, and Native & Invasive Species--DNR.

The week wrapped up with a fundraiser on Saturday, September 30th "Creekness Stakes Race" where businesses sponsored canoes to race the 24-foot canoes. The money raised will fund the "Trail Creek Week" canoemobile for next year so students will be able to participate for free. A canoe was sponsored by GIS Insurance and the County Visitors Bureau that Michigan City Area School teachers competed/rowed. Teachers included:

  • Barker Middle School: Amy Hamann & Val Mecklenburg (Derek Hamann)
  • Krueger Middle School: Daisy Lee
  • Michigan City High School: Stephanie Dege, Victoria Gray, and Andrew Jasicki