Art of The Valentine: A Lubeznik Center Special Event

By: Jenn Eubanks Last Updated: February 4, 2013

Carolyn Saxton, Executive Director of the Lubeznik Center in Michigan City, presented her vintage valentines at the Art of The Valentine event on February 3rd. Saxton’s cards and postcards dated back to the late 18th century and ranged to the mid-20th century which her audience found to be absolutely amazing.

The Lubeznik Center showcases artworks, hosts various artist events, and also provides the Michigan City community with engaging craft classes. Saxton’s collection fit perfectly in the Hyndman Gallery although some of her Valentine cards had to be left at home because it is so extensive. Art is viewed by Saxton in many ways and, of course, it is never limited.

“I think there are various types of art and people don’t need to be buttonholed into thinking it’s all just one way or one particular thing… You typically think of visual art and sculptural art, but people can be very artistic in their decorating, in their design, in writing, and in theatre. The key is to really look inward and see where your artistic talent may lie, focus on that, and move that talent forward,” voiced Saxton.

History has blessed Valentine cards in many ways, yet in the present time, they seem to be lacking in creativity with their well-known “frills” and unoriginal messages. During the late 18th century, handmade art was very detailed; today, these vintage works are hard to find, but Saxton has uncovered more than a few in her collective search.

Bill Gregory, Saxton’s husband, shared, “We have a whole display case in the living room devoted to Valentine cards; what’s here in the show is only a part of what she has. She’s been very serious about it for a long time… She’s done a display road show at least two or three times now and she thought it was very appropriate to bring these to the Lubeznik Center.”

Saxton started off collecting Valentine themed calling cards which then lead to gathering cards and postcards. For 26 years, she and her husband have visited auctions, flea markets, antique stores, and paper shows to assist their varying collections. Although their interests differ, they share a wonderful hobby: finding and appreciating their own forms of art.

The Lubeznik Center has helped provide assorted trades a home and still continues this goal in the Michigan City community. With support from Michigan City Enrichment, Duneland Health Council (Indiana Arts Commission), Horizon Bank, Anderson Foundation, and other general donations, the staff makes sure to take care and maintain their facility for present and future artists.

Saxton extends a warm invitation to experience the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, “It’s casual… people can come in jeans or shorts in the summer; they can come after work and be dressed up or dressed down, it doesn’t matter. We want people to come in and experience what we have to offer.”

Not only does the Lubeznik Center showcase collections, but they also have a running special event called “First Fridays @ 5”. Make sure to visit for a time that you will never forget!

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