ArcelorMittal: Changing the face of steel

By: ArcelorMittal Last Updated: February 22, 2019

ArcelorMittal-Changing-the-face-of-steelWhen you hear “steel mill,” you may not immediately think of millennial women. Fortunately for ArcelorMittal, we employ a growing number of female engineers who sought careers in advanced manufacturing after college.

Danielle Skolnekovich, Kallee Waugaman and Sophie Ydstie are three such individuals, and they all share one thing in common: involvement with SWE, the Society of Women Engineers. SWE is a global organization with more than 30,000 members. At the collegiate level, SWE invites students to explore careers in engineering through networking, conferences, training and more. Beyond college, SWE is a resource for females in engineering and technology who are seeking growth and advancement through all stages of their careers.

Recognizing the importance of diversity in the workforce, ArcelorMittal has supported SWE for the past several years. The steel industry has evolved significantly over time, and ArcelorMittal is committed to cultivating a pipeline of highly skilled and educated scientists and engineers.

Our partnership includes free SWE memberships for ArcelorMittal employees as well as a sponsorship of the annual SWE conference. Each year, several of our female engineers attend this event for both professional development and the opportunity to staff our career fair booth and recruit future talent.

In honor of Engineers Week, we want to highlight three of ArcelorMittal’s female engineers whose engagement with SWE has continued into their professional career. They are fantastic examples of what it means to be “women of steel.”

Danielle Skolnekovich
Joined ArcelorMittal in June 2015
Chemical engineer, environmental
ArcelorMittal Monessen Coke Plant

While at Penn State, I was involved with SWE mentoring and attended the SWE Stayover event. I’m proud to be a female engineer because there’s a huge gender gap in the workforce and I feel that through empowering other women we can continue to close that gap.

Kallee Waugaman
Joined ArcelorMittal in August 2016
Engineer, operations technology
ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Throughout all four years of college, I held a leadership role within Penn State’s SWE chapter. Being involved in the leadership team gave me the opportunity to attend three national and two regional SWE conferences. As a professional, I have attended two conferences where I have recruited new talent for the company, attended professional development classes and networked with amazing women.

I am proud to be an engineer because every day that I come into work, I get to initiate change. Sometimes, this means changing the culture by being a woman in an engineering role in a male-dominated industry. In other instances, it's through my contributions to process improvement projects. These projects often lead to cost savings, which the company can potentially invest in new technologies. Some of these technologies could then be used to create new steel grades for our automotive customers that make cars safer. So, the changes I make can lead to a more reliable product for the consumers who are everyday people that touch and affect my life and everyone else’s.

Sophie Ydstie
Joined ArcelorMittal in August 2015
Metallurgical engineer, quality
ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor

I was a part of SWE throughout college and continued my involvement this past year. Attending the SWE conference was a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of SWE outside of university.

As a female engineer in a male-dominated workforce, I am proud to be a part of the team and can bring a different perspective to problem-solving.

Thank you to all of our female engineers whose countless contributions are critical to ArcelorMittal’s success. If you don’t already, please take advantage of free SWE memberships offered to ArcelorMittal employees. Contact for more details!