Andrew Boes Builds his Career Through La Porte Chrysler

Andrew Boes Builds his Career Through La Porte Chrysler
By: Kaitlyn Steinhiser Last Updated: December 30, 2016

Budding service technician and La Porte High School senior, Andrew Boes, has had the opportunity to explore his passion for vehicles at La Porte Chrysler for several months.

Boes always knew that he wanted to be a mechanic, and La Porte Chrysler was the first place he looked to to start his career. Luckily for Boes, he quickly became a member of the La Porte Chrysler service department. He and his fellow technicians have created a foundation for their department based on timely service and positive customer interactions. Boes has learned that, with these standards in mind, it is “very important for dealerships to have reliable service departments. Work needs to be given to the techs in a timely manner, and cars need to get in-and-out of service on time.”

In Boes’ eyes, La Porte Chrysler also makes sure to capitalize on the prominence of family values throughout the La Porte County area. “La Porte Chrysler is unique compared to other dealerships because we are very family-oriented,” said Boes.

The dealership’s value of family and community allows its employees to form positive relationships with their customers, and the service department is a perfect example of this. According to Boes, La Porte Chrysler’s passion for customer satisfaction is driven by “the interaction with service customers and the techs working on the vehicles.”

Andrew-Boes-02 The importance of efficiency and having a good relationships with customers are not the only things that Boes enjoys about La Porte Chrysler; he has also made several friends along the way. “Building friendships that would not have happened without this job experience” is one of Boes’ fondest memories of his short, but meaningful, time at La Porte Chrysler.

Boes has also managed to blend his senior schedule with his time at La Porte Chrysler well enough for him to experience a full education and get a jump-start on his career. “Balancing [work and school] for me is hard but easy since I only have two classes a day and intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Boes.

The work ethic that Boes has developed through La Porte Chrysler and his schooling is a perfect example of La Porte Chrysler’s ability to benefit their customers by hiring a well-rounded, educated staff. Boes believes that this is one of the key elements of La Porte Chrysler’s “great facility.”

When Boes is not at school or servicing La Porte Chrysler’s valued customers, one can always find him with a tool in his hand, working on projects of his own.

Boes is able to develop his career path at “his own pace” thanks to La Porte Chrysler’s welcoming work environment, and he hopes that service customers are able to experience this environment as well.