American RENOLIT spreads holiday cheer at annual Christmas party

American RENOLIT spreads holiday cheer at annual Christmas party
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: December 11, 2019

Every year, American RENOLIT goes all out for the company’s Christmas party. Switching up the location every two years, the company never delivers less than the best for its employees during the holiday season. This year, their annual Christmas party was held at The Allure, a luxury renovated event space built in 1920. One hundred and thirty-six people, including 75 employees, enjoyed a cocktail hour, an open bar, and hors d’oeuvres followed by a decadent dinner, dancing, and raffle for various prizes.

Because American RENOLIT participates in 24-Hour production, the company uses the same venue for two years so each shift has the chance to have a party at that location. A meal is provided at the plant for the shifts that are working on the day of the party. Human Resources Manager for American RENOLIT, Melissa Gruber, looks forward to seeing everyone come together outside of work to get to know each other a little better.

“We get excited every year to do this for and with our employees. It’s really enjoyable to get everyone together and it gives us a chance to spend time with the employees and their guests in a social setting,” Gruber said.   We have so many long term employees, and it is great to be able to celebrate with them year after year, as well as getting to know the new employees.“  I look forward to this every year because after dinner is over, everyone is able to mingle, enjoy the music, and socialize.”

American Renolit Christmas Party 2019

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American Renolit Christmas Party 2019American Renolit Christmas Party 2019American Renolit Christmas Party 2019American Renolit Christmas Party 2019

President of American RENOLIT Renaat Demeulemeester puts on the holiday party to celebrate his employees and their families as well as to provide a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to what’s coming next. Most of all, Demeulemeester is proud of his employees for really stepping up in the community.

“I love my employees because they’re all great and committed people. They make the success of our plant here in La Porte, they connect with the community, they are generous, they are engaged, and they’re just great people,” Demeulemeester said. “We have been hiring people in the course of this year because we are starting up a new extension next year, so there are a few new people here and I’m looking forward to getting to know them.”

Many American RENOLIT employees have nothing but praise for the company, which is why they have made lifelong careers at the plant. Maintenance Supervisor Tim Jones has been with American RENOLIT for almost 40 years and feels blessed to be a part of such a great, caring company and has never missed a Christmas party.

“The best part about this is visiting people outside of the work environment, so it’s not so serious, and it’s more about let’s have fun,” Jones said. “We’re blessed for the company we work for, they’re good people, good company, good staff, good management, which is amazing, and after this many years, it’s just a blessing.”

Production Manager Ron Grinka has been with American RENOLIT for over 18 years and always looks forward to the annual Christmas party.

“It’s always good to get everyone together around the holidays – it’s a good time,” Grinka said. “That’s really the best part of it, just having everyone together.”

Technical Parts Coordinator Nathaniel Corey and his wife Stephanie haven’t missed a company Christmas party in the past nine years. The best part for Stephanie is seeing her husband interact with his colleagues and how they act as a family.

“Their parties are great; they change the venue every couple of years, and we always have a really good time,” Stephanie said. “It’s something we always look forward to, a nice night out. We get to get dressed up a little and go out and see everyone outside of work.”

“I like being able to have fun and cut loose with everyone from work,” Nathaniel said. “This is always a fun time.”