American RENOLIT Employee Spotlight: Brian Lidgard

American RENOLIT Employee Spotlight: Brian Lidgard

Common wisdom advises us to find a job we love, so we never have to work a day in our lives. For Brian Lidgard, Shipping Manager at American RENOLIT Corporation in La Porte, that means finding the best shipping rates.

“You know, you get on the phone and you talk to people to try to find the best, most efficient way to get these products moved at the best rate. That’s kind of a goal of mine,” Lidgard said, “to try to get the best rates for the company.”

Lidgard has worked at RENOLIT for 40 years and is currently the shipping manager. He oversees shipping, receiving, and inventory control.

“Basically, I make sure that the trucks all go out with the correct materials, and I also make sure that materials coming into RENOLIT get received properly,” Lidgard said.

Lidgard is a lifelong resident of La Porte, the city he still calls home, along with his wife of 39 years, Christine. Together, they raised their family of three boys: Brian, Adam, and Aaron. They also have six grandchildren.
Lidgard attended La Porte High School and received a certificate of training in business shipping from Ivy Tech, Gary Campus. He pulled no punches when asked what he likes best about working at RENOLIT.

“I love being here,” Lidgard said. “The people are great, the work environment here is great, and the company is great. That’s why I’ve stayed here for so long.”

His favorite part of the job? The people.

“I would say that’s interacting with people. I’m on the phone constantly with trucking companies, setting up trucks, and getting rates.”

When he is not working diligently to ensure that RENOLIT’s products get to where they need to be, Lidgard enjoys a variety or outdoor activities. One of those activities is driving in local demolition derbies.

“I just drove at the La Porte County Fair,” Lidgard said. He is also deeply involved with the Pop Warner program and serves on the regional board. He was formerly president of the league for the entire state of Indiana.

“I’ve been involved with Pop Warner for 33 years,” Lidgard said, the pride clearly audible in his voice.

Sometimes his interests take him beyond his home turf.

“My family and I have property in Tennessee and Michigan,” he said. “We like to go fishing and four-wheeling. We’re a real active family.”

Lidgard is also involved with La Porte High School sports programs and gives a lot of credit to his grandchildren for encouraging him to stay active.

“They’re in sports, too, so I got back into coaching sports to be able to coach baseball with my 7-year-old grandson.”

Anyone who knows Lidgard can attest to at least one thing: he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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