American Licorice Company supports teachers with supplies and spa packages

American Licorice Company supports teachers with supplies and spa packages

American Licorice Company recently joined together with other businesses at an event for the Kids in Need Foundation in Minneapolis, where they provided supplies for students and teachers. Around 1000 teachers came to the event where American Licorice Company gave out classroom supplies and extra goodies. 

“We handed out some little sticky tabs and candy, of course, and even some spa packages just because the teachers need a break. We want to give them that moment of relaxation,” said Account Coordinator and CRM representative Chad Wert. “That's what we were there for: to help support the teachers and help them support the children that they teach.”

This teacher appreciation event boasted well over 100 volunteers who tended the tents, directed parking, managed food, handed out supplies, and helped wherever needed. Teachers were excited and grateful for the help. Donna Mitchell, an accounting clerk at American Licorice Company, said getting to hear the teacher’s stories and see what an impact the event had on them was a joy.

“I enjoyed meeting different people and seeing the expressions on their faces–how happy and appreciative they were of getting the items,” Mitchell said. “Some of the teachers were almost in tears. They were so happy, saying, ‘Oh, I'm getting this!’ and ‘I'm getting that!’ It's that time when teachers need a lot of support, and it's all about the children. It was an awesome experience.”

Participating in this event for the Kids in Need Foundation is only one of many ways American Licorice Company pours into the community. The American Licorice Company operates from a people-oriented mindset, which is reflected in its active involvement in the community. 

Wert shared that American Licorice Company is intentional in providing many opportunities to volunteer.

“I have volunteered quite often, and I put together an inspirational and informational video to show our associates that the time that we provide is worth it. There is always time for volunteering, and it's such a good feeling to be able to volunteer,” Wert said.

American Licorice Company has made a difference in the community through its annual family giving event for Christmas, its annual backpack giveaways, its work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, its nursing home visits, its candy giveaways, and more.

“At La Porte High School, we have a boutique set up for kids that are less fortunate and a little extra hand or a little confidence booster,” Wert said. “They don't have to be afraid to go in there and shop like they own the place. They can go in there, see something they like, and think, ‘Wow, I really need that,' or ‘I really liked that,’ and they can take it. They can feel confident enough to walk in and grab what they need.”

The emphasis American Licorice Company places on volunteering and helping others is a quality Mitchell deeply admires.

“Volunteering is an all-year-round thing,” she said. “There's always something you could do to volunteer. I really give ALC their props for that because they really help the community. They come together not just in La Porte; they’re all over different cities around La Porte. They're really on top of that, and I really appreciate them for that.”

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