American Licorice Company Gives Back to La Porte County this Holiday Season

American Licorice Company Gives Back to La Porte County this Holiday Season

It’s clear that we are in the season of giving. But at American Licorice Company (ALC), the giving effort exist all year round, and especially during this festive time of year.

ACL has been a continuous and strong component for Salvation Army’s program, Adopt a Family. Through these efforts, not only has the community been uplifted, but associates and overall morale within the company is at an ultimate high.

Jan Roberts, a social worker for the Salvation Army, has been a huge factor for the program and has believed and been involved in its growth since day one.

“The way Adopt a Family started was when the community wanted to get involved with the Salvation Army to help sponsor individual children,” Roberts said. “The community took an interest in the whole family instead of just the individual child and this year we did 70 families!”

Roberts has watched the program grow abundantly and thanks to the community for supporting that growth.

“The program has grown throughout the county. I’ve been here for 10 years and since I have been here, it has tripled with the amount of help from our community,” Roberts said. “We want to thank the community for reaching out to these families to help them have a memorable Christmas.”

ALC believes there is an abundant need in La Porte County, so when they heard about the opportunity for their associates to shop for families in need, they jumped on it. It’s quickly become a mainstay for their corporate social responsibility program.

“It’s in our budget to sponsor 15-20 children which fall between 5-6 families,” Della Lyle, Community Outreach and Sustainability Specialist at ALC, said. “There are teams that sign up and they get together to coordinate and go shopping with $200 allotted for each child.”

Lyle also mentioned that this project enhances associate team building and communication.

“Associates come back all the time and are always saying how much fun they had while finding the things the children need and could enjoy. It’s so nice to have people who are willing to do that and truly get a lot out of it,” Lyle said.

Although associate Daniel Ray was unable to find a team to work with, he didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he took his family on the shopping adventure.

“The past two years my wife and twin daughters were able to join me, which has brought so much delight to our family,” Ray said. “I've been blessed to help for the last 4 years. It’s exciting to help and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Every associate is given a detailed list that includes every child, their interests, hobbies, age, gender, and size. Many lists have specific items that the children have wished for. 

“For me personally, my goal is to purchase as many things on their list as I am able to. I am grateful that ALC supplies the needed funds to allow me to be a part of a child's smile on Christmas day,” Ray said. 

Ray, his family, and associates have been moved especially during this season of giving.

“This experience has affected me personally as it gave me the opportunity to help a family in need each year and has opened my eyes and heart to others in our community,” Ray said. “To know that we can help bring smiles to a family for Christmas is heartwarming.”

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