American Licorice Company Donates Candy to Community Halloween Fun

American Licorice Company Donates Candy to Community Halloween Fun
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: November 5, 2018

For a company that centers on candy, it only makes sense that they spread a little extra love on the holiday that focuses on the sweet stuff! American Licorice Company instills a lot of joy in La Porte County and its surrounding areas with its various community programs and the popular product they produce. On Halloween, the company hopes that their products are put to their best intents by sharing it with the community and donating it to charitable organizations.

“American Licorice receives many donation requests for Halloween events, and we try to fill as many of those as we can,” said Della Lyle, Community Outreach and Sustainability Associate for American Licorice. “We’ve provided candy to many organizations that are involved in ‘Trunk-or-Treat’ events—these are often schools, churches, and YMCA’s, but we’ve also provided candy to local retirement homes, Police Stations, and Volunteer Fire Stations.”

With the many requests that come in, the American Licorice team does a lot of groundwork to make sure that their candy is headed to the right hands.

“When local businesses and families come to us with donation requests, we try to take some time to ensure that it’s for charitable reasons and that it aligns with our commitment to ‘investing in happiness,’” Lyle said.

One such request came from Springfield Elementary School in Michigan City. Set in a rural area surrounded by very few neighborhoods, leaders at Springfield organize a Fall Fun Night every year so that their 375 students can trick-or-treat. Plus, the event gives Springfield parents and staff members an opportunity to work together to provide a fun and safe trick-or-treat experience.

“Kids love candy and to be able to dress in costume for our Fall Fun Night,” said Julie Feikes, Instructional Coach at Springfield Elementary School. “We believe it is vital to our students’ education and overall well-being to see their school as a safe, engaging, and fun environment.”

Feikes made the wise decision to enlist American Licorice Company’s aid in ensuring a fantastic night for students.

“I decided to contact American Licorice because I have always heard about how generous they are with donations. The company truly is a ‘hometown’ company,” Feikes said.

As evidenced by the photos captured at Fall Fun Night, the students had a candy-filled blast.

“We truly appreciate the company’s dedication to our community, and the kind and thoughtful employees who helped us obtain the donation,” Feikes said. “Our students loved the candy!”

In addition to donations, American Licorice Company associates receive opportunities to share a little bit of the candy wealth.

“All American Licorice Company associates are given a chance to take home a box of our Sour Punch products,” Lyle said. “Not only do our associates view this as a nice perk for themselves, but I believe it also provides us all with an opportunity to take pride in our work, our brands, and our company!”

“I’ve been with American Licorice Company for two Halloweens now, and they have very generously provided candy to everyone to hand out each year,” said eCommerce Manager Brian Lehr. “It is quite a hit in my neighborhood.”

Lehr loves to see the ways his company influences the community, especially around a time when candy and community go hand-in-hand.

“Halloween is not just about the candy and treats. It is a time when neighborhoods come together in the spirit of the holiday, which brings out the best aspects of sharing and community,” Lehr said. “The fact that American Licorice is so supportive in and around our communities is something that makes me very proud to be a part of [the company].”

American Licorice team members look forward to continually instilling a culture of sweet generosity.

“American Licorice Company strives to invest in the happiness of our people, our communities, and our environment,” Lyle said. “By donating our products to community organizations in support of their causes, we hope our candy brings happiness to our people and those in our communities.”

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