American Licorice Company Associates Bike To Work

American-Licorice-Company-Associates-Bike-To-Work-2018In an effort to reduce their carbon-based emissions from driving to work, two American Licorice Company associates donned their bike helmets and spandex and ditched their seat warmers and car radios. That’s right—on Wednesday, the 24th of October, Clarence Walsh and Della Lyle biked to work! The 21-mile journey from Chesterton, IN to La Porte, IN was no small feat, but the team did it to help promote healthy and sustainable alternatives of getting to work.

The country roads of Northwest Indiana inspired the bikers and watching the sun rise over the frosted corn fields was hard to beat. Della mentioned “…such beautiful views remind me why I’m doing this. I believe we all have a responsibility to save the environment—it’s the only one we have.” Clarence stated “…I’ve got to say I want to do it again!”

Take a look at the video of their journey and stay tuned for National Bike to Work Day, on May 17th, 2019!