‘Adoption’ Opportunities Available for Portions of WORTHY Women Recovery Home

By: Tim Moran Last Updated: June 13, 2014

The WORTHY Women Recovery Home is going to make a world of difference in the lives of so many, and individuals and businesses now have an opportunity to not only support the noble cause, but be etched in the building’s history through their support.

Windows, views, steps, doors and security entrances are now up for adoption, with purchasers receiving a plaque with their name, organization, bible verse or “in memory of” by each item adopted.

“When our ladies move in, they will forever see that you cared enough to offer your contribution of compassion to our mission,” said Sonshine Troche, executive director of Worthy Recovery, Inc. - a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit focused on transforming an historic building in the city of La Porte into a recovery home for female addicts and former inmates.

A total of 23 whole windows are available for adoption - with the cost of a whole being at $600 and $300 for sponsorship of half. Five views are available for adoption at $2,000 for a whole and $1,000 for a half. For $300, a step (31 available) can be adopted, with $150 being the cost for half steps. Doors (28 available) are priced at $400 for a whole and $200 for a half, with security entrances (2) listed at $2,500 for a whole and $1,250 for a half.

The plaques will not only help offset construction costs of the project to modernize the home, but will be used in a unique way to lift the spirits of its future dwellers.

“Many addicts and inmates are people who have had really rough lives, many of which have been sexually abused and have the ‘entitlement mentality’ that no one cares about them,” Troche said. “When they say that no one cares about them, we are going to give them a notebook and pencil and tell them to find 31 plaques and write down the names of those who adopted these portions. That will help curb their thought that no one cares, because people do.”

“It’s a good way for them to start thinking by seeing the names of the ones that care for them,” she added.

A “bonus opportunity” also exists for lower-budgeted businesses who can have their business card as part of a framed “Supporters Collage” at a prominent display in the home. For this opportunity, the trim is $25, blinds are $50 and hardware $100.

“When you think about all the labor that goes into this and everything that needs to be installed, people can donate money toward the trim at a low cost and get their name out there,” Troche said.

Historically known as the Charles O. Larson Residence, the building that will soon be the WORTHY Women Recovery Home was built in 1912 after La Porte brothers Charles and Frank Larson partnered with brick mason Emil Danielson to form the Larson-Danielson Construction Company. Sitting at 1001 Maple Ave. in La Porte, the structure has been remodeled in the past, and Troche said her group is shooting to have the recovery home open by the end of 2014.

“We are hoping for the end of the year, but since we are relying mainly on volunteers, it may take a little longer to get done,” she said. “We would rather have it take longer and use volunteers than have to raise more and more money for it to be completed quicker.”

Stephani Electric, Troche says, has been working at the location and plumbers will be in early next week to “get all the water lines run.”

Troche said the building’s location is “perfect” for its purpose.

“It’s directly behind the library and the YMCA is two blocks east of us so our girls will be able to do some exercise to keep their heads calm,” she said.

The home, which sits on 4,800 square feet and has a basement and two floors, will house no more than 14 women and one person on staff at all times, as regulations indicate more than 15 residents would require it be a commercial structure.

Although Troche says Worthy Recovery, Inc. is a Christian organization, women do not have to be Christian to be a part of the home.

“And they do not need to be Christian when they leave, either,” she said. “We want to use the bible with verses on the walls and bible studies as well - if they want to believe it they can, but we will not force religion on them,” noting that when she was “not a Christian,” some tried to force it on her and that did not work.

“We will encourage them in the love of God, but we do not care what religion they are or if they have no religion, we want them to get off alcohol and drugs and become better parents.”

Questions on the adoption should be directed to Troche through their website, www.worthyrecovery.org or by calling 219-405-7006.

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