Addison Pointe & Rehabilitation Center’s Exceptional Service Receives Praise from Patients and Their Families

Addison Pointe & Rehabilitation Center’s Exceptional Service Receives Praise from Patients and Their Families
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: November 7, 2018

Whether you’re a family member of a potential resident, it’s never too early to start thinking about senior living and care. Taking the time to plan for this step can enhance the quality of life until that point and provide reassurance for those about to start. At Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation, this portion of life is considered the most important, as they focus their staff and facility to provide the highest quality of living. If you are considering or even thinking about senior care and living, here is a chance to read testimonials from patients and family members who have received exceptional service from Addison Pointe.

Trish Tompkins: Our family was very happy with Addison Pointe. Our dad was there for several weeks and did not have any complaints. We found the staff was very patient, kind and caring. Anytime we had questions or concerns they were answered in a timely manner and to our satisfaction. It felt as if Addison Pointe took good care of my dad, like he was one of their family members.

Karen Kurzdorfer: This place is heaven sent! After over 10 years of two other nursing homes, this facility is a godsend. I would compare it to an elegant hotel except with the added attention to detail with his care. The director truly cares about the residents and interacts personally with them.The social activities are designed to really involve the residents. On top of all of this, with the expertise of the speech therapist, my brother is now eating again!! Thank you, Addison Pointe.

Alice Butrym: I love the staff at Addison. My mom is well taken care off there, and the facility is very clean compared to others I have seen. I know they try to the best of their ability to treat each patient as quickly as possible. I also know how good they are from having had to stay there myself. Love and appreciate you all!

Melissa Howe: Staff is amazing! I have been to many facilities, and you can tell by just walking through the building that Addison is different. I have never met so many friendly people who all genuinely care about the residents and will try everything they can to help. Absolutely love it! I see people cleaning every day, there is a wide variety in activities, and just a wonderful atmosphere!

Janet Clark: If you are in need of inpatient or outpatient Physical Occupational or Speech Therapy go to Addison Pointe, you will not be disappointed.

Nancy Russell: After breaking my Patella less than 4 weeks ago I am going home. My therapy experience at Addison Pointe was more than I could ever ask for. I asked my Orthopedic Surgeon if he had to send his mother to rehab where would he send her, and he responded Addison Pointe In Chesterton because of the many successful outcomes that he has seen their therapy team deliver. When considering Physical, Occupational or Speech therapy you have a choice and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during my stay.

From their 24-hour nursing care to their exceptionally trained staff, Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation is committed to restoring residents to their highest potential through kind, compassionate medical care. Undoubtedly, the service at Addison Pointe has changed the lives of many. For more information, visit their website.