Addison Pointe Offers Residents Full, Healthy Lives in Chesterton

Addison Pointe Offers Residents Full, Healthy Lives in Chesterton
By: Alexis Jenkins Last Updated: May 26, 2018

When it comes to living a full life, everything from physical, to mental, to emotional health is vitally important. At Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center in Chesterton, Indiana, all three are given full consideration. With excellent nursing and rehabilitation services as well as engaging community amenities, they are capable of serving nearly every health need and are eager to improve the quality of life for all residents.

The community is made up of separate “neighborhoods” that feature a quality dining space as well as private and semi-private room options that are designed to make each resident feel at home. The space is equipped with electric beds and other features that make the community accessible for everyone.

The care options within the community are divided between nursing and rehabilitation services. The 24-hour nursing staff is dedicated to making sure each resident is achieving the optimal quality of life while still maintaining independence and having access to social and intellectual stimulation. Residents can attend church services, fitness classes, trivia competitions, or social picnics to become active members of the community and develop strong social relationships with their neighbors.

Aside from the excellent community services, the healthcare staff at Addison Pointe is trained to offer assistance in many ways. From wound management and respiratory therapy, to surgical care and dialysis coordination, many of a resident’s immediate health needs can be addressed by the on-site health professionals present every day of the week. This includes an on-site physician or nurse practitioner, registered nurses, and social workers, to name a few.

The community also takes pride in its many rehabilitation options. For those in need of physical therapy, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym ensures that those in need receive the necessary assistance to get them back on their feet. The space is equipped with up-to-date technology designed to improve balance, joint function, and overall mobility and strength. An Anti-Gravity Treadmill, Keiser Weight Training machines, and a Biodex Balance Trainer are just a few of the many high-tech options within this facility.

Occupational therapists have one major goal in mind: independence. To help residents live their best lives, Addison Pointe’s occupational therapists strive to help residents achieve daily tasks such as eating and dressing. With the help of these on-site therapists, residents can regain the ability for daily indepence that may have been lost due to illness or injury.

Speech language pathologists are also present within the community to help those residents who have overcome stroke or neurological conditions but need a little extra help in redeveloping language and communication skills. These therapists can also assist those who have difficulty swallowing and can help residents who experience memory loss.

Whatever the need, Addison Pointe offers compassionate care and provides solutions for all residents. To learn more about the community or to schedule a tour, please visit their website.