Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center welcomes community for annual trunk or treat

Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center welcomes community for annual trunk or treat
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: October 24, 2019

It’s Addison Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center’s favorite time of year. Dressing up and handing out candy to kids in the community is a great treat for both staff and residents. Staff members lined up their cars and decorated their trunks with the scariest decor they could find for little ghouls and goblins while residents gave families a break from the chilly weather indoors. 

Sarah Mirabella, the Transitional Nurse Liaison at Addison Pointe, experienced her first Trunk or Treat this year. Knowing how important it is for residents to get community interaction, she does what she can to get the community more involved.

“It’s important to get the residents to interact with the community because if they don’t go out on our field trips they don’t really get to socialize with anyone outside of Addison Pointe,” Mirabella said. “We’re always doing events for the community and I would like to get the community even more involved.”

Addison Pointe offers long and short-term care so they plan events to spice things up and make it fun for every resident. Brooke Dippo, the Admissions Director at Addison Pointe, loves everything about the Trunk or Treat and is excited to see it grow every year. 

“They love dressing up whether it’s for Halloween or for Christmas or for the proms, they just love it and we love watching them dress up. We enjoy doing their nails and hair and it’s fun to see the families get involved too,” Dippo said. “I love this and I love putting it on, it’s exciting for everybody.”

Mindy Hawkins, the Life Enrichment Director at Addison Pointe, is all about bringing in kids to the facility. It’s fun for residents and important for kids to see that senior living facilities aren’t a scary place. 

“The residents love seeing kids and animals and we just love having the community come in and hang out with us to see us do what we do,” Hawkins said. “This is awesome and I love it, I’ve been here for almost five years and I love the residents and doing events with them.”

Residents Mary Rambo and Theresa Olscewski were having a blast passing out candy to the kids. With families that don’t live very close, it’s nice to see kids come in and have fun. 

“We’re all kids at heart, and I’m having a ball,” Rambo said. “I love kids and we don’t see kids in here very much so it’s fun, it brings back a lot of memories of my kids and my grandkids.”

Trunk or Treat 2019

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Trunk or Treat 2019Trunk or Treat 2019Trunk or Treat 2019Trunk or Treat 2019

“I wish I could see my grandkids more than I do, but they’re all spread out so it’s nice to see kids here,” Olscewski said. “They’re all very polite and very nice.”

Joe and Nicole Ello, along with their kids Cody, Peyton, and Gunner came out for food, candy, and fun. Mindy Hawkins invited them and they decided to put on their costumes and join in the fun. 

“Thought we’d come see some residents and do a little trick-or-treating,” Joe said. “They did a really good job on decorations and getting people here to trick or treat.”

“It’s fun trick-or-treating, eating food, and getting to see people,” Cody said. “It’s a fun thing to just come out and do when you have nothing to do.”

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